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Do You Get Mad At Bae When You’ve Been Missing Him For Too Long? Here Are 10 Cute Things You Will Relate To!

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I really don’t understand why we do this, but we tend to get mad at bae if we are missing them. I have personally done that and I know it’s not even remotely logical. But when you’re missing someone so much that the craving translates to anger, especially if he is not able to respond that much, know that it’s normal. However, if he is away or busy, how will he be so attentive during that time? See, I know it doesn’t make sense to get mad at him but I do and almost all my girlfriends share the same tendency.

But I didn’t have this kind of self-awareness. It was only after I came across a meme stating this on Instagram that I realised that so many of us are guilty of doing this. If you are too, these are the things you will be able to relate to!

  1. It starts with all the cutesy things

When bae is away or busy and you’re missing him, you listen to your special songs. And you almost pat yourself on the back for being such a nice, understanding girlfriend and giving him space and all that. His absence makes you grow fonder and it’s all cute until…

  1. You wonder why he did not say ‘I miss you’ back the 99th time

You’ve said it a 100 times that you miss him and each time he replies with a ‘I miss you too’, it puts a smile on your face. And then he forgets to reply one single time. He should know by now, he is in trouble.

  1. You begin to think he doesn’t miss you enough

If overthinking was a career option, you would be minting money by now. One thing led to another and you found yourself in an ocean of thoughts without a lifejacket. You’re thinking about all the times he wasn’t warm enough. You’ve dug out so many old texts and now you have an album dedicated to screenshots you can use against him.

  1. You spend an hour looking at your pictures

And then you stumble upon your pictures – the good, the bad and the ugly. But all those moments are precious to you. Just having him by your side doing nothing is worth it.

  1. And now you miss him even more

You curse yourself for spending an hour staring at your pictures with him because now you miss him even more and it kinda hurts. You should have just stuck to watching Made In Heaven on Amazon Prime.

  1. You really want to spend time with him

If you could, you would run to him and hug him tight. But why is that idiot so busy anyway? Why can’t he just come and see you already? Resentment starts creeping in…

  1. It escalates to ‘Where the fuck is he?’

You begin to feel a sense of monopoly over all that missing-ness. You feel he is not missing you enough. It goes from ‘I miss you, baby’ to ‘when the fuck will you call me?’

  1. Your replies get shorter and with more punctuation than ever

Your ego takes over and you decide you don’t want to give him so much attention because you’re not getting any. Of course, that’s all in your head but at this point, you’re missing him and that kinda outdoes logic and reasoning. So you send ‘K’ and ‘yes’ and if you send an entire sentence, you make sure there’s a full stop. He needs to know you’re mad.

  1. You don’t admit but you just want some attention

You’ll fight with him, nag him and tell him you want to be left alone. But deep down, all you want him to do is fight harder to talk to you and give you some love.

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  1. And then you see him and melt in a minute

Then he does give you love…thankfully, else he would have landed himself in a soup! And even though you thought you wouldn’t melt, you do! Because you love him and you’re just happy to be with him again.

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