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7 Signs Your Partner Is Making An Effort To Be Supportive During This Pandemic

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This pandemic has affected us and the year just feels like a very long Monday. It feels like we’re in a game of Jumanji where having an OCD, being reclusive and non-trusting are strengths, and being social and physically affectionate, weaknesses. And then there are some more, each with properties that can be anywhere on the scale of mild to deadly. So here we are, in a bubble of disillusionment and often frustration, together with the entire world. None of us has ever seen anything like this before and we never really learnt how to keep our processors running in a time like this.

We need love and warmth and human connection. But what do you when what we need can kill us? We wait it out and find alternate ways to fulfil that need. Sure, a low-fat butter substitute cannot please you like real, fatty butter but something is better than nothing. Yet, often we have terrible mood swings and we’re generally feeling vulnerable. Having a partner who really gets you can be the biggest blessing in these times and in general. If you have someone who brightens up your toughest days, you’re lucky. Here are 7 signs bae is your biggest support.

1. He understands your mood

Even that slight change in your voice doesn’t go unnoticed. When your texts become less enthusiastic and your comebacks seem stale like last night’s roti, he knows that you aren’t feeling your best. And hopefully, you’re in sync with his moods too. Just knowing that someone gets you has made you feel so much better.

2. He checks on you

All of us are going through shit but he never forgets to check on you and how you are handling things. He knows your specific struggles and what annoys you the most. So when he asks you at night how your day went, he really wants to know.

3. He puts effort to stay connected

The thing is, all of us have limited time to socially connect. Between work and domestic duties, we are hardly left with any time. And in those limited hours, you have to make time for yourself and your loved ones. And you? You’ve occupied a permanent spot in his schedule. Social distancing can’t make you feel distant!

4. He makes you feel special

From caring for you when you’re upset to planning special digital dates with you, he is making a real effort. And if that doesn’t make a person feel special, I don’t know what will.

5. He gives you space when you need it

While he is always there for you, video calling you randomly and showering you with affection, he knows when to take a step back. He knows when more than talking to him, you need time with yourself and he gives you that. And you return feeling better and he’s patiently waiting.

6. When you rant, he doesn’t roll his eyes

He listens, without judgement. He doesn’t interrupt or tell you that you’re repeating yourself. When you’re mad at your family, he knows that you don’t hate them. He is your safe zone and he makes you feel like you can tell him anything.

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7. He shares his feelings too

It’s not a one-way street. He has opened himself to you so you both can confide in each other and become each other’s pillar. But most importantly, you connect on a level where you can relate to each other’s emotions and know you’re not alone. You’ve really bonded over a pandemic and maybe it will only get better after this passes away.

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