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7 Signs Your Boyfriend Always Has Your Back

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A lot of us have some flirting going on at the side while some are painfully single and it seems like whoever said several fish in the pond was probably talking about another pond, far far away. Then there are some of us who are in a mostly happy relationship. They found their lobster (if you don’t get the Friends reference here, we can’t ever be friends) and have a partner, a companion who makes them feel secure.

I believe as humans, we are all seeking a safety net of people – our family, friends, and spouse – so you can grow in life without worrying about falling. Just knowing you have people who love you and support you makes you feel so secure and courageous in life. If you ask me, it’s very important who you choose as a partner because that really affects the quality of your life. I want someone upbeat, dynamic, and spontaneous; we should have memories that make me feel we’ve really lived those moments.

But what I really want the most from a relationship is that feeling of “us against the world”. I want my partner to be my best friend, my companion, and my team. We should have each other’s back because if we don’t then can this team ever work? Honestly, it also makes me feel very special when I am his favourite person in the world and he would never ever want me to fall, without him being there to catch me. I would do the same for bae. Find out if your boyfriend or potential boyfriend has your back too. Here are signs that say he does!

1) He encourages you to try things you want to but are nervous about

There are men who want to do so much in life and they are driven enough to do it too. And they expect you to sit in the bleachers and cheer on, unnoticed. But then there are these incredible men who are tuned in to your desires as well and push you to give it a shot when you feel nervous. They won’t say you can’t do it; they say try it, if you don’t succeed we will handle it together. And you’d do the same for them, any day!


2) When you’re stressed, he puts in a little extra

The best guys are those who understand your moods. When we go out with our girlfriends, we are always alert because we have to take care of ourselves and also our sisters. But there are days when you just want to let loose and be crazy and just have fun. He understands it’s your day to de-stress so he takes on the job of being the adult there. When you are feeling moody and could do with some extra love, he sends you kisses and cookies. And if he is there in person, he wouldn’t mind volunteering to give you a nice massage.

3) He never dismisses your feelings and ideas

It doesn’t matter if you start ranting about how you’re afraid of having coronavirus just because you’re feeling weak. Sure, he points out other possibilities of your weakness – the weather, your period or that you didn’t get enough sleep. But he won’t ridicule you even if he feels you’re overthinking it. He listens and gives your feelings and opinions due respect, whether he agrees or not.

4) You’re a team and if someone crosses you, they cross him too

Firstly, you feel so comfortable with him that you literally tell him about all the people in your life – those you like and those you don’t. Secondly, it makes things so much more fun when you can bitch about the same people. It doesn’t matter if he knows them personally or not, when you’re bitchin, he’s all in! When you have a fight with someone, he needs to know what happened next because he has been invested in it!

5) Your growth is important to him and he understands the efforts you put in it

He isn’t one of those guys who act like 5-year-olds watching their mommy go to work. He doesn’t demand to be on top of your priority list at all times because a) his demand won’t be accepted and b) he isn’t a narcissist. This guy cares about your growth and he wants you to reach your full potential. And he wants you to be your support, not an obstacle.

6) When you fall, he doesn’t say I told you so

We listen to the advice others give us but we do what our hearts say, right? So maybe he told you that’s a dumb move and you did it anyway. When things get fucked up, he doesn’t say ‘I told you so’; he is there with you to face the mess together. And if you want to do it alone, he would let you go out there, clean your mess and return home to see him patiently and proudly waiting!

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7) He disagrees with you but not publicly

If you’re in a group or a public setting where you may be at fault too, he won’t just abandon your side. He will let you calm down and later tell you in person where you were wrong. Because whether you’re right or wrong, he won’t like anyone attacking you. He would never want you to feel abandoned or singled out. Except when he pairs up with your bestie to pull your leg; that’s allowed!

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