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7 Signs He Is Precious To You And You Want Your Relationship To Last

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Has it ever happened to you that you were with someone but in that phase you didn’t realise it was half-hearted? Or maybe you just really craved a part of what he was offering you but it wasn’t exactly him you were in love with. Sometimes, we enter relationships that are doomed because subconsciously we don’t want them to work, says science. I feel they maybe onto something here. Do we chase commitment phobic men because we ourselves, subconsciously are afraid of relationships? Maybe you feel like settling for a lukewarm relationship will safeguard you from deep love and hence the associated risk of a heartbreak. But then, you meet someone who makes you fall head over heels in love with them and you realise that nothing before them matters. You realise that this is the realest thing ever and you want your relationship to last.

If a relationship means a lot to you, there is no way in hell you are going to risk sabotaging it. That means you will not intentionally or carelessly be rude to them or take them for granted. It means you will protect it and be a 100 per cent invested because it’s precious to you.

No, it’s not just a frivolous romance. It’s one that you want to last forever. How do you know? Here are 7 signs that say you are so in love with him and want this to last!

  1. You prioritise them

The thing is when a person is really free and available, they will have all the time in the world to chit-chat. But you manage your time effectively, so you can allot some to bond with them. You prioritise them. If they had a hard day and you’re sleepy AF, you stay up for them so they feel better. If you want to share something, they are the first person on your list. Your future dreams automatically are for two. You want to travel, explore activities, be lazy and live but with them!

  1. You don’t wonder what if you were with someone else

When you aren’t really into someone, you can get distracted by thoughts around how life will be if you were with someone else. But there’s no one else you would rather be with. Your relationship with them is not perfect and it is still evolving but it is precious to you nonetheless. Nobody makes your world go around, except him.

  1. You can feel compassion for him even when you fight

Every couple fights but only those really in love with each other still feel care and compassion while at it. You may hate each other’s guts in that moment but when you cool down you still care for them as deeply as you did before the fight. You still feel bad about the mean things you said to them and even when you are mad at them, you don’t stop caring for them. This isn’t just a passing romance. You love him with all your heart because fights don’t change how you feel for him.

  1. You’re open to making adjustments and improvements

When you’re in love with someone and consider that person your own, your ego is not above your relationship. At least, if you want the relationship to last. They may be right or they may not be as right as you’d like them to be. Either way, it’s never a battle for you two. You both want things to work. So you keep your anger and ego aside and see how you can meet each other’s core needs. Sometimes he puts more effort; sometimes you do more. And sometimes, you meet mid-way. But you never abandon ship!

  1. He makes you feel both peace and excitement

We tend to think that the romances filled with passion make the best love stories. When that seems difficult to last because it lacks the qualities that makes a relationship last, we think we should go for stability. We seek the exact opposite. But then you meet a guy who thrills you with a forehead kiss, whose face you’d want to see every day and someone who is there even for the not-so-romantic parts of your relationship. They feel like home and that’s rare!

  1. You accept some things won’t be perfect and it’s okay

You don’t expect each other to be flawless people because such people don’t exist or do so only in the world of fiction. You both are flawed. You both have a knack of annoying the f*ck out of each other. But you also have a way of making the relationship last despite that. You accept some things won’t change because you feel compassion for him and you would not trade him for any other nut in this world. Oh boy, you’re a smitten kitten!

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  1. You feel content with your relationship

There are ups and downs. There are adjustments you make, as well as things you just have to let go or find a way to work around. Not all your needs will be fulfilled in the relationship and often, you have to fulfil those on your own. But your core needs are fulfilled with him and he makes you feel secure. There are fights but you feel content and happy. There’s a feeling of having returned home when you meet him and that’s when you know you really want your relationship to last!

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