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7 Reasons Why It’s Actually A Good Idea To Attend Your Ex’s Wedding!

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It was the middle of the night and I was restless in my bed, shifting sides as I lay there indecisively, knee deep in the dilemma of whether or not to RSVP yes to a wedding invite that I had received earlier that day. Usually, I’d jump at the chance to go to any wedding that I can, even the ones where I am just going to be a plus one. From the food, to the free drinks to getting to dress up, everything about them gets me excited. But not this one, this one gave me palpitations.

And to give you some context, it was my ex’s wedding invitation, that came in a beautiful blue box and for a second there, my face was the exact shade of deep purple that the card was, except mine was from shock. All panicked and perplexed, considering it had been 3 years since we’d have parted ways (and on a good note at that too), I wasn’t sure what the reason behind the anxiousness was. And the only way I thought I could find out was by going ahead and attending it. And so I did, and if I am being completely honest, it was one of my best decisions ever. Here are 7 reasons why attending your ex’s wedding is a good idea –

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For Closure

Attending your ex’s wedding in my opinion can be therapeutic and relieving at several levels. After the break up, no matter how much time has passed, nothing gives you perfect closure than seeing them happy with someone else and realising just how happy and satisfied you are without them in the same moment too. Let this be the final blow of acceptance that it’s over and for good between the two of you, and if you really are over him, it won’t be all that harsh either.

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Because Weddings mean free food and free booze

Weddings at the end of the day are but a grand celebration and that obviously means there will be the best of catering at your disposal and well, an open bar. Ex or not an ex, attending a wedding, any wedding for that matter, is always a good idea for the simple reason that it treats you well and not just with free booze and free food but also because for the most part, people are nice to you. It might be obvious but I would like to mention that getting drunk at an ex’s wedding isn’t a good idea, especially if you end up blurting out some secrets.

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It’s a good place to meet new people

Now that your old flame is off to start his new life, it may be time for you to get back in the game yourself, that is if you’ve not already deep in the dating pool or have a significant other. And weddings for that purpose serve as  the perfect mixer to meet some interesting and new people! Who knows, where love is already in the air getting two others married, cupid might be generous with you too!

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To make yourself feel better

In what is just another, much simpler and toned down version of saying ‘to make him feel jealous’, an ex’s wedding is also at times a great way to remind yourself why it didn’t work out between you two and well, look ridiculously hot while at it. After all, what is a better wedding gift to give to your ex than a bittersweet feeling of regret of not having you beside him. And nothing does it better than the satisfaction of dropping in like a snacc and having a ball of a time.

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To maintain your friendship

Yes guys, it’s true. It sometimes happens that people somehow manage to stay friends past their break up and as much as we’d like to think otherwise, it’s not entirely an impossibility. So in that case, it becomes important to cherish your friendship with them and going ahead to be a part of this happy day in their lives. After all, being a friend, chances are their family would have tons of errands for you to run, and who’s gonna support them, if not you?

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To make it look like it doesn’t bother you

I have hardly known anybody who has, in fact, gone ahead and attended an ex’s wedding, at least in my social circle. In fact, what I have seen instead is people flinging the invite away but the other person taking it as a sign of you still being into them. So don’t give out the indication that you’re too hurt or weak to attend your ex’s happy day. Go to prove just the opposite and have a blast while you’re at it!

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To be a part of his celebrations

It’s true that once you’ve loved someone, it becomes really hard for you to un-love them. And it doesn’t matter if you’re over them and the relationship and have happily been leading different lives, you’d still always have a soft spot for them and it is okay. Which is why, it is also okay to genuinely go just to be a part of their celebrations and wish them well in life! After all, wouldn’t you want them doing the same for you when your time comes?

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