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5 Ways To Deal With Not Feeling Loved Enough By Your Boyfriend

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I am an incredibly affectionate person and have absolutely no qualms about admitting that or expressing my love. If am fond of you, I am going to be generous with my hugs and warmth. In fact, I go out of my way to be there for my people and never hesitate to appreciate when someone does something nice for me. Which is why, I am never the person who will take a loved one for granted. However, that puts me in a situation where I am often the person who gets taken for granted instead. Because there are times when the person you love so much ends up becoming lazy in showering his affection on you. And that obviously, leaves you feeling unloved and uncared for. Or whatever the reasons may be – that’s better left for you to figure. Either ways, it’s very stressful when you feel like you’re not getting as much love as you’re giving. And it may feel like your relationship is failing but it can be saved. At least, try! Here are 5 ways to fix a situation when you’re not feeling loved enough.

1) Communicate

Misunderstandings seep in when we assume instead of talking things out. If you’ve been feeling unloved, talk to him calmly about how you felt. Ask him if he would like to tell you what’s going on. Just to be polite and not add pressure for I really hope he better answer that!

2) Give him time

Affection can’t be acquired with force. And nobody can be in a position to shower you with love while dealing with performance anxiety and the feeling of walking on thin ice. So give them a break and the time to work on things. He should get around in no time.

3) Analyse your own expectations

Sometimes, we fail to see how much the other person loves us because we have a pre-conceived notion of romance – which probably differs from his. Also, his affection will not be able to fill the void in your heart. You have to do it yourself. So check where this discontent is coming from and manage your own expectations.

4) Be more independent

You’ve been craving his love for far too long, and now it’s time to give all that attention to yourself. Allow yourself to heal and don’t depend on him for that. Do things that you like and enjoy your time with your friends and family. In fact, sometimes we need to do our own thing to rekindle that spark. Maybe that will do it for you.

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5) Know when to take a step back

What’s important is that he is willing to invest his time and energy into this relationship and fix things. He wants you to feel as loved as you want. But if that’s not the case, you need to realise that maybe it’s time to step back and see the relationship meet its fate. One person cannot single-handedly carry a relationship on. But first, give it your all!

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