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5 Signs You’re Dating An Unapologetic Jerk Who Just Won’t Change

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I will not say that I have dated extensively but I have had my fair share of experience in the dating pool. And that experience has made me more aware of things I am allergic to, one of them being bullshit. I can’t seem to wrap my head around why you would want to be a jerk with someone you claim to love. Or the whole concept of taking your partner for granted. But what really infuriates me is when men refuse to accept feedback. Have you ever felt that while you’re peacefully trying to resolve your issues, your boyfriend is just sitting there with a pelvic protector on? It makes you wonder why he takes every discussion as a blow to his manhood. Well, some men are just unapologetic jerks, which makes them quite a dating nightmare. School him or leave him – choice is yours. Here are 5 signs you are dating one.

He tries his best to win the argument even if he is wrong

It’s not like he wants to lose you, even though his actions speak exactly the opposite of that. So when you feel hurt because of something he has done, he will try his best to justify his behaviour. He will argue for a good amount of time and put forth points that defy logic, leaving you perplexed! And just when he realises that you’ve had it to the brim, he experiences an epiphany. Or so he would like you to believe.

And if he does accept his fault, he never really rectifies it

So when he does give you an apology or what you can call a false hope of him really changing anything, it’s all just a façade. In that moment, it seems really genuine; he knows what to say to really melt your heart. But then you wait on him to change his ways because he promised you he would. And then he repeats the same mistakes over and over again, until you realise that the only thing you can possibly change here is the state of your mental health – that too not for the good.

He dodges the responsibility of his actions

Somehow, this guy has an excuse for each time he fucks up. So he went off the other day like a pressure cooker? Oh, it was the work pressure. He couldn’t care less to drop you home safely the other night and that’s most definitely because his mom was asking him to come home early. It’s always someone else’s fault, if not yours.

He turns a deaf ear to your hurt

They say you must pick your battles. I agree with that – fighting over everything can just displace the peace in your relationship. But with him, it feels like you need to pick your battles so narrowly that you find yourself accepting a lot of BS that you really shouldn’t. The thing is, after a few arguments, he just turns a deaf ear to your complaints. He can’t care less and expect you to kinda just deal with it!

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He accuses you of being too uptight

One of my exes had this habit of walking way ahead of me. He also used to not hold the door open for me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t demand men to hold the door for me. But I consider it basic courtesy to hold the door if you’re walking in first. I mean, I do it for my friends all the time. So, is it wrong to expect basic manners? No, right? Yet, he makes you feel like you’re too uptight and too hell bent on manners.

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