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5 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Lying To You

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Nobody gets into a relationship looking for a lying boyfriend. Some may seek an adventurous guy, some value humour as the best quality while some get attracted to shy men. But liars? Nope. None of us want those. So we’re weary of dishonesty and when something doesn’t feel right, we like to be sure. When you feel he is lying, he most probably is. Women have amazing spidey senses and can catch a liar easily. You just have to be confident about it because unless you are, he won’t accept he is lying. If you feel your boyfriend bluffs a lot – for big or small reasons – here’s how you can be sure. Here are 5 signs your boyfriend is being dishonest.

He tells you the same story differently at different times

When you’ve cooked up elements of your story, you find it difficult to remember them clearly the next time you’re saying it. Unless he is as skilled as Ajay Devgn in Drishyam. Which is why, you must look for disparity in his tales to know if he is being dishonest.

He tells stories that sell him as a hero

A bluff-master boyfriend seeks to make himself sound like a king so you can be awestruck and he can bask in all that glory. If you look past his pitch and pay close attention, you’ll see he is basically marketing himself with information that seems rather fabricated. We’ve all known someone who says he has connections with so many people and how he can get so much work done over a phone call. Except, when you ask him to help you with something, his prowess falls flat. We know what that means!

He does too many hand gestures

People who are lying and hiding something tend to make louder hand gestures. Also, look for eye contact. Now everybody knows that liars don’t make eye contact; even the liars know that! So he will try extra hard to look directly into your eyes while drowning you in his fake tales. They say too much of anything is bad and in this case, most definitely so.

When you suspect his story, he gets very angry

When a liar fears his cover getting blown off, he will get frustrated. He will get angrier than a normal person should in his bid of convincing you that he is mad you’re doubting him. Someone who is saying the truth will probably laugh it off or calmly clear your doubts. If he is turning into hulk because you’re poking holes in his story, he is probably lying.

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He has his witnesses ready

A liar worries a lot when he is lying. He may look smooth AF while at it, but in his head he is thinking of all the things he can do to convince you if you find out the truth. With that thought in mind, he already has fabricated witnesses ready or at least claims so. The moment you suspect that he wasn’t where he says he was, the bluff-master will ask you to go ahead and verify it from his friend. I say do it!

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