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5 Signs You Are In A Toxic Relationship With Your Obsessive Boyfriend

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Every girl wants a partner who will shower her with love and attention. What’s not to like about having someone who will be there for you, every single minute? Except, when it turns obsessive and you begin to feel suffocated. He may be your boyfriend, but you’ve had stalkers less creepy. Or is that he loves you a lot and you’re just afraid of intimacy? Such boyfriends will give you a lot of love, but at the same time, you will see your life going downhill. The thing is, your gut feeling is going to be right most of the times. But if you’re confused, here are 5 signs that your boyfriend is obsessive and you need to let go.

He tags along everywhere you go

Your friends may or may not tell you, but I am sure it bothers them that whenever they plan an outing with you, and there you are with your boyfriend. You don’t remember the last time you showed up anywhere without him and though initially it was all cute, it’s really affecting your connection with your friends now. He is not your purse; you can go out without him. But unfortunately, whenever you’ve tried doing that, he makes a face that you now know is his pre-fight face. And you give in, so you can live in peace.

You feel like you are going away from other people you love

They want your time, which is cute. But when they want all of your time, it’s obsessive. They want to be the most important and the only important person in your life. My best friend was once dating this obsessive guy, who used to get mad when she hung out with me. In fact, even on my birthday he fought with her for spending too much time and I was like, ‘Wtf?’ He manipulated her in not spending time with her loved ones and also tried to turn her against them. If that sounds like your boyfriend, then you’re in a toxic relationship.

You feel like you have no privacy

They are so obsessed with you, they feel they have the right to know anything and everything about you. They want to be able to track you down, have access to your chats and social media accounts. The concept of privacy is fictional to them and they take ‘what is mine is yours’ to a different level altogether.

He gets jealous too often

I dated a guy who got jealous whenever I spoke to a guy and even went through my chats when I wasn’t looking. Yes, I was stupid enough to give him my passwords. I lost my shit when he accused me of flirting with a friend, who was not even into women! That’s exactly what an obsessive guy is – he wants to control every part of you, so he gets insecure even if you happen to glance at another guy.

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He is making you too dependent

This is how an obsessive boyfriend will manipulate you to stay with him. They will do each and everything for you, almost like you have a personal assistant! From being picked up, dropped to wherever you want to go to picking your laundry, helping you shop – they do everything. Of course, earlier it makes you feel he is such an angel and then you realise that he hates it when you do things independently. This is because the more dependent you are, the harder it will be for you to leave.

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