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5 Signs You Are Holding Yourself Back From Love

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Sometimes, we don’t even realise that we are scared of love. I am scared of love too; not the concept, but being hurt by it. I feel afraid of being the only person that falls in love, or of feeling disappointed by “expecting too much”. I am always second guessing my expectations and then I end up behaving as if I don’t care at all. Lately, I thought about it and realised that I have been afraid of love. Are you holding yourself back from love too? It’s never too easy to tell.

All those moments when you come a little too close and then you rush back to safety because fear makes you do irrational things. We want love but we don’t want to take the risk. We don’t want to be hurt but it doesn’t work that way. We have been hurt before and we may be hurt again. But if we never try, how will we ever know? There are road accidents happening everywhere but we can’t stop crossing the road, right?

Here are five signs you are holding yourself back from love.

  • You sometimes wish the initial stage would never end

You enjoy the flirting, the witty talks, the romantic dates, and the butterflies that flutter in your stomach each time you kiss. It’s not like you are not getting attached. But you don’t want this phase to end because after that, people tend to think about where this is going. And it can either last or end up breaking your heart.

  • Your suitors often struggle to gauge if you are interested

You don’t want to appear needy or freak him out because you don’t know where you stand. So you end up not asking them out enough or showing enough interest. And they are left wondering if you want them at all. If you want them, show them and stop holding yourself back from love.

  • You rarely make the first move

You are so afraid of rejection or being embarrassed or freaking him out, you just wait for him to make all the first moves. There is no reason to hold yourself back. Do what you must and if he wants it, good. If he doesn’t, then learn to handle rejection well.

  • You’re busy pretending to be less attached

After so many fuckbois, you don’t want to be the one getting attached – at least not the first one. So there you are, trying your best to hide your feelings. You don’t say things like you like him or love him. You will not even make any sweet comments expressing your affection for him because it rings the fear alarm in your head.

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  • But when he does something nice, you are pleasantly surprised

Because you have been trying so hard to expect nothing, when he does something for you, it makes you feel so happy. You feel your trust in him growing. Take your time but allow him to make you fall for him, especially if he seems worth the risk. Stop holding yourself back from love because you are scared of getting hurt. Isn’t it just better to toughen up and live life?

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