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5 Reasons Why The Flatiron Sex Position Is So Pleasurable

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They say there are only six main sex positions and others are just derived from those. Well, Kamasutra wouldn’t probably agree but it seems more or less true. For instance, the flatiron sex position is very similar to doggy style and a layman may confuse one for the other.

However, whoever came with this derivative of doggy must be thanked for flatiron is a sex position that is highly pleasurable. The best thing, if you are in a missionary position, you can switch to this without disconnecting. One moment life is vanilla, next you are walking on the wild side!

What is flatiron though?

“Although it’s called the Flatiron position, it actually doesn’t look much like a flatiron at all. You will be lying on your side on the bed with your legs together and bent,” reads Bad Girls Bible. While it’s better and more challenging if you are lying slightly tilted on one side, you don’t have to. It’s not supposed to be a gym sesh. You can let your shoulders rest on the bed and be a flat-ter iron. Here’s why you must not miss out on Flatiron.

1) It combines the intimacy of missionary and rawness of doggy

Flatiron sex position is a mix of both missionary and doggy and hence brings you the best of both worlds. Missionary is supposed to be more intimate and warm. Doggy on the other hand is for times when you want to put your wild side forward. But Flatiron will make your sex session seem like a passionate, intense one as he embraces you while thrusting in hard.

2) The sex lasts longer

Flatiron will help the sex last longer! He can try to make the thrusts a bit shallow. You both must take slow deep breaths and maintain a slow speed too. Meanwhile, you can throw your arms around his neck and share a passionate kiss. He too can kiss your neck and move his hands over your stomach while at it. He can switch to deeper thrusts quite easily in this position.

3) It helps deep penetration

Speaking of which, this position allows him to go deep and possibly stimulate your G-spot! “By lifting your legs closer to your stomach or straightening them, you can control how deeply he penetrates you if he’s well-endowed or if you like deep penetration,” advises Bad Girls Bible. The control can be in your hands …or legs in this case!

4) You can get both vaginal and clitoral stimulation

With him on you, it will be difficult for you to do much in terms of thrusting. Anyway, people have a hard time syncing that shit. Instead, let him do the work and you can use your hand to stimulate your clit. Double your chances of orgasm, won’t you?

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5) It helps break the monotony

It’s important to spice up your sex life. You may be sharing great intensity and the sex may be mind-blowing. But it won’t take time to get repetitive if you don’t mix things up! “This position is great for couples who get bored with regular Missionary. I strongly advise that you try out lying on both sides when doing the Flatiron. A lot of students that I’ve talked to about it have told me that they often prefer lying on a specific side,” Sean James, CEO, chief researcher and founder of Bad Girls Bible advises.

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