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5 Not-So-Obvious Signs That He Misses You When You’re Not With Him

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They say actions speak louder than words and they are damn right about it. Anybody can say they miss you, but if their actions don’t say that then, is there a point? When he truly, genuinely misses you (because as much as we want, we can’t always hang out!), it is evident from the way he behaves. The subtle clues are all over and it could you who is oblivious to those. Fret not, let us help you out and find those signs. Here are 5 subtle ways he says he misses you, without really saying it.

1) He tells you all about his day

Now unless you have absolutely no work in life, it’s very difficult to stay connected all day. Because like most of us are working and shit, and not getting paid to whisper sweet nothings over the phone. Yet, at the end of the day when you talk to him, he gives you the highlights of the day. You feel you’ve been with him and at this point, you know the characteristics of his colleagues too!

2) When he is out with friends, he sends you pictures

He is out with his friends and texting you, because he wishes you were there. At some point, his friends get mad at him for being on his phone too much but he still slides in a couple of pictures. This is just him wanting to share his happy moments with you because he misses you so much!

3) He can’t go without seeing you

A guy who is really into you cannot go on for days without seeing you. You’ve become an integral part of his life and when he doesn’t see you for a couple of days, he misses you as much as you miss him. Even if he is busy, he will go out of his way to make a plan with you. Even if that means dropping by below your building at midnight, just to get a few moments with you.

4) When he meets you, his hug gives it away

You thrive on these moments which melt your heart away. When he sees you, he holds you in tight embrace and you have Christina Perri’s ‘You put your arms around me and I’m home’ playing in your head. That hug is the shit!

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5) He tries to include you in most of his plans

And that’s because he wants to see you as often as possible. Why? Duh, because he misses you! He wants you to be a part of his happy times, and all the special days. Without you there, he feels something is missing. And that says how important you are to him!

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