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5 Kind Of Guys You Should Never Date Because They Are Such A Waste Of Energy

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Have you ever made love and been so satiated with it, that you could function without sleep and still feel fresh? Have you ever stayed up, cuddling and canoodling and not felt the need to eat even though the last meal you had was hours ago? I really hope you have because I have and I don’t want to be the only weird one. When you’re having a bad day and just trying your best to not snap at people, he comes around and you catch yourself smiling as if you’ve just won a lottery. When you’re sick and everything is hurting, all you feel like doing is to snuggle with him. That’s the thing about love; it acts like an effective pain killer, says science. Which is why, in the initial stages of our romances, we tend to be immune to all that painful things we are put through. In the honeymoon phase, everything is forgiven and cute until it becomes a pattern and you begin to feel your energy getting sucked away like he is a vacuum cleaner.

I am not saying all men are like that but there are certain categories of men that only bring upon pain, sooner or later.

  1. The Perennially Pissed

I once dated a guy who was so mad at life all the time. He acted like all things wrong happen just with him and it’s only his struggles that are real. Most of the time I didn’t even understand why he makes a big deal out of everything and yet I provided him emotional support. That, until I lost so much energy to his drama that I felt I would soon need life support. It was so tiring dating a guy who is always pessimistic in life.

  1. Possessive Peter

Initially, it feels very cute when he acts jealous. You feel that shows he cares and you enjoy that display of ownership. But imagine, each time you talk to a guy, he thinks you’re having an affair. He will go through your phone, monitor your body language and make you feel as if you’re being interrogated by the CBI for a crime you didn’t commit. We all know that isn’t exactly a rejuvenating experience to live through every other day.

  1. The Gaslighter

No matter what you do or how nice you are to him, he will find ways to make you feel like a shitty girlfriend. He will blame you for not being understanding enough and then you try to improve until you actually begin to feel like a doormat. He will walk all over you and make you feel like you’re terrible at being a doormat as well. This guy thrives on making people feel bad about themselves.

  1. The emotionally unavailable

It’s funny how someone can drain you by not even being there. This guy’s emotions are so sparse, I could spot more hair on my freshly waxed legs. You try to communicate that you need a lot more from him and he promises you he will give you that and more. Except the only thing that you’re getting more of, is his big box of lameass excuses.

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  1. The manchild

If I wanted to take care of a child, I’d adopt one. This guy is not looking for a partner, he is looking for a part-time mother. His house looks like a cross between men’s locker room and a dumping ground. He expects you to survive on little sleep, party every night and chug beers like it’s water. He throws a fit when things don’t go his way and his mother is more than happy to be relieved of this massive pain in the ass. You shouldn’t sign up for this. I’d rather foster a puppy.

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