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10 Things You’ll Relate To If You Can’t Stay Mad At Bae For Long

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Essentially it’s a wonderful thing that I can’t remain mad at this cutie for long. It’s great that we can move past our little hiccups and just bounce back to how we were. You know this is what makes a connection strong. It’s not the absence of fights but the ability to return back to normal.

But having said all these cutesy things, I really don’t understand how I am so easy. Like it was okay until he could unhook my bra with his eyes. Okay, that didn’t happen but it would have been exciting. Anyway, he can just give me one compliment, clear the air and be cute and boy, I am sold. Wtf? Shit willpower. If you too can’t stay mad at bae for long, I bet you’ll relate to these things.

  1. Why does he do this every time?

It’s like he expects me to just get used to it. This is really annoying.

  1. You feel determined to remain distant for a long time

This time, I am not going to blow up and fight. This time, I have a better plan. I am gonna act all aloof, reply in monosyllables, and then when he asks if something is wrong, I will drop an “I’m fine”. That man better has some decoding skills on his resume.

  1. You recollect every single time he has pissed you off in the past

If I could, I would have had a chronologically arranged file system of all the times he pissed me off in the past. I am going to be armed with so much data that he just cannot win any argument he even attempts to make.

  1. You’re motivated to hold your ground when he decides to finally confront you

Does he think I am going to let him off the hook that easy? After all that he said to me to the other day? After making me feel so crappy? *dramatic music plays* I won’t even reply.

  1. You hate the fact that you’re actually missing him

Is it okay to just talk to him for a min and tell him about the custard cake I made? Would it count as truce if I ask him to play Ludo with me? No, no, no; stay strong.

  1. You are fighting your urge to text him first

I won’t text him. In fact, I will not even look at his stories on Instagram. Nevermind that an hour later, I am reading our old texts because new ones are just not coming in.

  1. You have your pride after all

I may be missing him here but I have some pride. He will not hear from me unless he apologises. And when he does, I will take a while to be normal again. Boyfriend, you are going to be replaced by Honey Loops.

  1. Oh, finally he wants to discuss. You decide not to melt so easily!

Does he think I am gonna just melt when he tries to act all cute? Not happening. I didn’t keep so much patience to melt that easy.

  1. Apologies, compliments and affection later, you’ve melted into a cheese sauce

He apologized so quickly. What do I do of all the things I thought I’d say? He is being so cute. Well, he was right. I am like in a liquid state RN.

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  1. You wonder why you have absolutely no willpower

Oops, what do I tell my bestie? Just an hour ago I told her I am not going to talk to him. And now, we are being our cheesiest selves like nothing happened. Shit.

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