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10 Things You Need To Hear If You’ve Been Hurt In Love

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I am not someone who understands the concept of emotional detachment. Casual dating is lost on me. I only invest time in someone I know at least has the potential to go right till the end. Okay, let me correct that. I have invested time in romances I knew wouldn’t last. But they felt so nice, what could I have done? I have no regrets though because I have learnt and every experience has made me who I am today. And if I have not mentioned it already, I love myself and what I have grown up to be.

With people who invest so much emotionally, a heartbreak hurts like hell. It’s not like a slight inconvenience or change in lifestyle. It’s like you’ve been hit by a storm that only you can feel. Your heart feels like it’s sunken into the nothingness of space, guarding itself from anything that can prick. Your soul feels tired from the heaviness of the void you didn’t ask for. It’s terrible to say the least. It changes you, at least for a while, at least until you heal yourself. If you can relate, you need to hear these things. You deserve to hear these things. Here’s some much needed warmth, from one broken catto to another! Hope it makes you feel better and reaches you in time.

  1. It’s not love, it’s the people who mess up

When we’ve been hurt in love, we blame it for all the pain. But it’s us, humans who are complicated and damaged. Love’s never meant to hurt and when you find the right guy, it won’t!

  1. It may feel like it won’t be okay again but it will be

I know this feeling all too well. I remember telling my best friend that this time it’s different and I won’t recover. I mean, I lost my sleep and it hurt me like never before. But here I am, healing and all. If I can heal, so can you.

  1. Strong women feel tired too and that’s okay

You know you’ve held it together for so long, so many times. And then there are days when you feel like you want to take a step back and let it all come crumbling down. But that’s not you being weak; that’s you having been strong for far too long. It’s okay to feel tired. You can build yourself up tomorrow.

  1. You’re magic. You’re art. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

There’s so much magic in your soul and so much compassion in your heart, even if there are tiny cracks in it right now. You have flaws, your own quirks as much as the goodness that makes you who you truly are. You’re an OG piece of art! It doesn’t matter if he couldn’t see it.

  1. Free your soul from pain and self-doubt

We tend to hold on to the pain, as we continue to live with the ghost of our relationship. We go through the same things in our head over and over again, trying to figure what went wrong. It’s over, whether you’ve had closure or not. Let it all go and free yourself from reliving that pain again and again.

  1. You were amazing before him. You are amazing after him.

Before he came in your life, you were all complete by yourself. Of course, when he came by, things were rosier until you had to walk on a bed of thorns. Now that you’re back to being by yourself, you’re still super amazing. Your awesomeness has nothing to do with his existence!

  1. Some men aren’t strong enough to choose you and that’s not your problem

It takes a strong man to be able to be comfortable and secure with a strong woman. If he couldn’t give you the kind of attention and commitment you deserved and chose a life of convenience instead, it’s not your problem.


  1. You can’t lose a guy who didn’t deserve you

Technically, you didn’t lose anything. In fact, what you did is free up space that you can use for better things. Fill yourself with love – for your work, family, friends, passion and most importantly, yourself.

  1. Sometimes, we get hurt so we can learn and become better

We need something to jolt us into learning lessons, sometimes it’s the hard way. But these make you better and when you find the guy who is meant for you, you will have so much knowledge and do everything to make it work.

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  1. One day, you’ll find a guy who will treat you right and you won’t worry about losing him

He won’t make your heart restless. He will bring you peace and the kind of love that stands the test of time. You won’t have to worry about losing him or fight for his attention. You deserve that and you will get that. Just believe.

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