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10 Things You Will Relate To If Your Boyfriend Is Not As Romantic As You

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I am a very romantic person and I need tons of affection from my partner. It’s not like dramatic displays of love matters to me. I don’t need flowers or rooftop restaurant dates (not always!). I am very low-maintenance like that and a simple cuddle session, followed by an essay on how amazing I am would do. I am the kind of person who dedicates songs to her bae, who puts up cheesy AF posts on Instagram and leaves random love notes in his bag. If you are like that too, I can tell you want a super romantic boyfriend. But what if he is not as romantic as you? I mean…it’s not really bad but sometimes it’s difficult, sometimes hilarious! Here are 10 things you can relate to if your boyfriend is not as romantic as you.

1) You wish he dedicated songs to you

Each time he sends you a song link, you quickly check out the lyrics because you assume he is dedicating it to you. Except you realise it’s about a guy reminiscing his childhood. You shake your head in disappointment. Why can’t he get cheesier?

2) You have to guide him on making you feel special

When it comes to doing these little things that women love, he is like a class 5 student trying to solve a class 10 math problem. And then you have to literally guide him on how to treat you when you’re upset, PMSing or need affection. But the good thing is he tries…

3) There’s no way he will ever put up a cheesy post with you on social media

That’s a lost cause and you know it. Your heart burns when you see all that couple PDA on Instagram but the only way you’re getting it is if you get into his account, which won’t be romantic either.

4) His way of showing love is teasing you

He is always pulling your leg and you pretend to get annoyed but hey, let’s admit you secretly love it. Playfulness is such a turn on!

5) He gifts you the most unromantic things ever

Other boyfriends give their girlfriends flowers, clothes and cutesy stuff. He gets things like an epilator, a hair straightener or activewear. On your next birthday, he may gift you a night lamp and even that might be better than the things he has thought of right now. The bright side (if you can call it that) is that these are much more useful than flowers and candies.

6) His idea of a date night is watching Deadpool at home

Okay, when he suggested a Netflix night, you were expecting a movie like 50 First Dates. In fact, you assumed it would be more of kissing than actually watching the movie. And there he goes, excited to make you watch a Ryan Reynolds fitted into a suit.

7) But you’re his best friend and you like it that way

You’re above all the superficial things and know each other in and out. You enjoy his company and can be in your I-just-woke-up-like-this look without feeling awkward.

8) He may not be conventionally romantic but he cares

For instance, he makes you laugh when you’ve had a bad day at work. He listens to your rants and gives you the warmest hugs. He genuinely cares about making you happy and that’s all that matters.

9) He still makes your world go round…on most days

When he makes eye contact, you feel like you want to stay in that moment forever. You know he is feeling it too but instead of using words, he probably says with a follow-up kiss. He has his ways of leaving you breathless!

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10) But it wouldn’t hurt if he, maybe once in a while, got a little romantic

I mean, it’s all good and you love him and all that. A little romance is all you ask for and hopefully he will come around to it.

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