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10 Signs You’re Catching Feelings For Your Casual Hookup

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I find casual flings dangerous.  Honestly, I know that I cannot keep myself from getting attached. I mean, it’s not like I fall head over heels in love with everyone I have ever touched but I still feel fond of them and want to do cutesy things. Or maybe see where it goes. I don’t like it when there’s no possibility of any relationship. In fact, I can’t even enjoy physically if that person doesn’t care about me. Yeah, as boring as it sounds, I get turned on by affection! And if you are in a casual fling and now probably worried that you may be developing feelings, I get you. But it’s not always a bad thing. It can be good if it’s mutual and if it’s feasible! So find out if you’re falling for your casual fling. Here are 10 signs!

1) You want to spend more time hanging out with them

When you’re casually flinging with someone, it’s usually the physical benefits that you look forward to. But then all these nights you spent with him made you realise that you also really enjoy talking to him. And now you just look forward to spending time with him outside the bedroom. Red flag!

2) Your text messages are beyond just the mundane things

It’s not like you indulge in sexting and then just talk to co-ordinate for your next fuck session. You ask each other things like how your day is going. He is updated about so many things in your life. Emotional territory!

3) You miss him

You have been meeting very often and if you don’t see each other for a few days, you end up missing him. Everything then reminds you of him and you catch yourself talking about him to anybody who will listen.

4) You’re not interested in other men anymore

You’re single and until recently, enjoyed the attention of other men. But now, having him (even though it’s casual) doesn’t make you feel like you’re craving anybody else’s attention. Yup, you’re screwed.

5) You are possessive about them

You know you don’t have the right to be possessive about them. But he feels like yours, even when he isn’t. That leaves you feeling clueless AF but heart wants what it wants.

6) You touch him even when there’s no sex involved

Your body language gives it all away. You catch yourself brushing his shoulders while talking or reaching for his hand while walking. If he does touch you too, maybe he too is falling hard for ya!

7) Just him being around makes you really happy

You hate it, you really absolutely hate it that him being around you makes you so happy. When he is there in front of you, doing the most stupid things, it just makes you feel so awake! You hate it because you don’t know this side of him yet.

8) You guys are making elaborate plans

Sure, you do meet spontaneously and just talk, kiss, canoodle. But you recently discovered your shared interests and it’s exciting for both of you. You’re already making a list of things you want to do together!

9) You have a cutesy name for him

That’s such a girlfriend thing to do but you’ve ended up doing that already. Whether it is “cutie” or “baby” or just a nickname – this is getting way beyond casual.

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10) You’re okay with meeting his friends or with him meeting yours

We don’t go around introducing our casual fling to our friends. We don’t bring them in our social circle because things can get awkward after it ends. But you know it’s getting serious when you want him to hang out in your group and he also gets along pretty well with them!

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