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10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Amazing And Deserves Extra Appreciation This International Men’s Day

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I can’t deny that the world is full of misogynistic men we often complain about. But let’s not talk about them today. On International Men’s Day, let’s discuss those wonderful men who brighten up our lives – be it your family, friends, or a boyfriend. I really feel very appreciative lately of men who mean a lot to me. These are the good ones who stand for equality, who give me the love and support I need and make me feel at home.

Of course, there are dads and brothers and best friends who absolutely make us feel on top of the world. Then there are men who we really admire and respect, those who aren’t related to us but they are making a difference in the world around us.

Amidst all this, there is this one man who often doesn’t get as much love and admiration he deserves! And while deep down we really love our boyfriends, ask men and they will tell you how rare it is for them to receive compliments. Between expecting to be the one being pampered and getting upset when we don’t get it, just sometimes we forget that our boyfriends need a bit of appreciation too.

To the man who makes me the happiest, I may not always appreciate you but I am really glad that you exist! Here are signs that your boyfriend is super amazing and deserves all the more appreciation this International Men’s Day.

1) He puts your feelings first

Sometimes, he puts his own bad mood aside to soothe you. Often, he takes care of your feelings before his own. And if that’s not selfless love, I don’t know what is. We may have missed catching on his feelings at times because most men hide them well. But we really appreciate the intent.

2) He showers you with compliments unconditionally

The number of times he has complimented you is big! But how many times have you? It’s just been played so many times – in movies, series, society – the woman dresses up and the man calls her 50 shades of beautiful. Men, on the other hand, don’t get complimented that often and yet, our boyfriends never stop serenading us! Make sure you compliment him when it calls for one!

3) He is absolutely in love with your lil quirks

Just today morning I was watching a Friends’ clip, in which Phoebe asks everyone what is more important – friends or money. Everyone except Monica says friends. Monica has had several embarrassing moments in front of Chandler. And she has her own set of quirks. But Chandler loves those very quirks. Have a boyfriend like that? Give him one extra kiss today and let him be his quirky self too.

4) When you need a hug, he brings his best one

Not only is your boyfriend generous in affection, when you feel low, but he also wraps his arms around you and gives you a tight one. He then squeezes you a little more, holds you for as long as you want, and soothes you. Doesn’t this man deserve so much more love?

5) He concerns himself majorly with what makes you content

I know sometimes our boyfriends can be majorly annoying. Like when he can’t decide what to do and expect you to. But did you ever think of it this way? He wants to do what makes you happy and maybe he is just clueless about figuring it out. He may not have aced it but he is constantly trying to figure what makes you happy. Such men bring sheer bliss!

6) He doesn’t whine when you go need time out with your friends

I hated my best friend’s ex because each time she went out with me, he went into his cranky mode. Like he even made a fuss when she met me on my birthday and complained she is spending too much time with me. Well, a good boyfriend will absolutely never step on your happiness like that. If he’s been good, show the man some love!

7) He may not say it often but when he looks at you, it’s right there

When someone loves you, they look at you a lot. And it’s like everyone around you can tell how that person seems just so content in life. Your light up his world and his eyes, all at once. A huge population of single women would really be praying for this rn.

8) You’re the only person whose occasional shit he takes

I have been thinking about it. Sometimes, we do become irrational when we are moody. Whether you are PMSing, feeling hangry or just something is annoying you, he sometimes ends up bearing the brunt of your mood. And he takes it. He then goes on to do anything to make you feel better. And only you have that kind of leeway with him.

9) He tries his best to fix what hurts you

It’s not like a good boyfriend will not hurt you. We are all humans and we err. But a good partner will do anything they can to fix the things that hurt you. Sometimes, we get defensive and we snap. But eventually, we realise that the ego isn’t bigger than love. And when you love someone, you cannot intentionally hurt them.

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10) He may not always understand you but he listens anyway

Men and women are poles apart, there’s no doubt about that. You don’t always have to understand each other. And he really doesn’t, even though a few times initially he tried to pretend he did. But he doesn’t invalidate your feelings and patiently hears you out, so you feel better.

We do a lot of sweet little things for our partners too. I guess that’s what love brings along. And it’s easy to take it for granted because they “have to” do those things as good partners. But the couples that last are those with gratitude in their hearts. So today, since it’s International Men’s Day, here’s a shoutout to the amazing boyfriends around the world!

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