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10 Signs He Is Too Immature For You

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The other day I was thinking in the shower (that’s where we get our best thoughts!) and I was thinking that I should date older men. The main reason being that women usually are more mature than men so guys my age and younger than me feel too juvenile to me. But then I also thought of some older men I know who aren’t very mature either. So I dismissed my idea and realised that it’s really not the age. If a guy wants to stick to being juvenile, he can be that way even when he is 40.

The worse thing is when you find yourself with someone like that. You’ll feel like you’re not his partner but his mother. And either his mother feels jealous or relieved. It’s quite difficult to be in a relationship with a manchild and if you can relate to these 10 signs, then may God save you.

1) He picks fights over small things

He lies on his resume when he says he is very understanding and calm. Letting go and being the bigger person is not a skill he actually possesses. He gets upset on small things because seeing the bigger pictures isn’t for a manchild.

2) He gets jealous over nothing

When you’re out with your male colleagues, he gets all insecure. When you get hit on by someone, he gets mad at you as if you’re at fault.

3) When you try to explain why you’re hurt, he gets defensive

Instead of trying to understand what bothers you, he acts narcissist and gets pissed at you. Clearly, no conflicts are getting resolved like this!


4) He believes in sweeping it under the carpet

Whenever you fight, he tries to make up by being romantic and buttering you instead of actually dealing with things. He expects you to then pretend as nothing happened.

5) You have to constantly tell him what you need from him

Because he’s too immature to understand relationships and your needs. He expects you to spoon-feed him and even then, he gets it wrong!

6) He has an idealistic idea of romance

If it were upto him, he would have you in pretty 70s dresses, with hair perfectly set and a tea kettle in your hand. He wants a Stepford wife and not a real woman.

7) He doesn’t know what to do with you when you’re feeling emotional

He doesn’t know how to react when you open your heart to him. He is not deep and he doesn’t know how to handle another person’s emotions. They don’t teach this in school or in video games.

8) You’re always the one having to be on top of planning

He is too busy planting his ass on his couch and being laid back about things. You can’t rely on him to make plans because then you’d end up in a shady hotel with poor facilities but a wonderful game room. If you end up anywhere at all, that is.

9) He says you’re too controlling

First, he treats you like you’re his mom, expecting you to cater to his needs and pamper him. And then he gets mad at you for calling him out on his behaviour. In that case, he should be grounded!

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10) He changes his mind too often

He doesn’t know where he is headed, what he wants in life or from you. That’s because there’s no stability in his life and he doesn’t want to do adulting yet. But where does that leave you? In therapy, is the best possible scenario.

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