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Yami Gautam Was Once Told To ‘Dress Her Age’ Because Apparently Wearing A Kurti Makes You Look Older. What Even?

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Not sure if it’s true but I feel like there is a specific manual on how to behave, how to sit, how to dress and even how to laugh that only applies to girls. Where are these rules written? No one really knows. We are trained since the early years of our childhood and this policing never stops. The only difference is when we are kids, we are given these instructions by our family and then later on by the men on social media or if you are even luckier, you’d get these unsolicited advice from the very concerned men you meet in your workplace. It’s mostly redundant and hardly makes sense, but that doesn’t stop them from telling you how you should and shouldn’t dress. Ask Yami Gautam who was once told by a casting director, after a meeting for a certain role, that she should dress her age. She was wearing a kurti and a pair of jeans, which is a perfect semi-formal attire for a meeting and doesn’t have anything to do with age. But somehow that made her look older and not fit for the role she auditioned for. SMH!   

In a recent interview with an entertainment portal, Yami Gautam spoke about the incident. She said, “I had an audition for a really big production house, and the person is one of the most popular casting directors. That person told me my screen test was really good. By then I had shot for Vicky Donor, but it had not been released. So I was very happy, because they wanted to launch a new face. (They said) ‘you have been shortlisted but the problem is, you should dress your age, why do you dress like that’. I don’t know what it means, what’s wrong with just jeans and a top.” ” Honestly, I don’t get how an actor’s clothes offscreen are relevant to how she’d look in the film. Yami said she wanted to tell him off at the moment, but she didn’t.

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She added, “If I look the part, it’s your job and the hair and makeup team’s job to make me look the way the character demands, and the rest of course is my job as an actor. So why can’t I walk in a meeting in a kurti and jeans if I want to, versus what you expect me to. How does that matter?” I am really curious to know what he expected her to wear though for the meeting that could make her look younger. It just doesn’t make sense. “Today it’s comfortable for me to talk but at that time I came out thinking that I have lost the part for sure. But what do I do about it if I don’t connect with something? What kind of an expectation is this?” she added.

These things happen to women everywhere and from every field. Yami is not the first woman, or even first celebrity, to be educated by complete strangers on how she should dress. Remember when Priyanka Chopra was accused of defaming our culture for wearing a dress (instead of a saree) for her meeting with the Prime Minister? Or how Sara Ali Khan was slut-shamed for wearing a bikini on her family vacation? I mean, her family didn’t have a problem but the moral police on Twitter sure took offense. Why must men police how women should dress and how they should be looking younger or older with their clothes? If wearing a kurti makes you look older, wearing a dress or bikini brings shame and wearing a salwar suit means you are playing the sansakari card (think Rhea Chakraborty video controversy), we might as well wear anything we want, because we can never win anyway. 

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