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We’ve Loved Lisa Haydon’s Maternity Style And She Just Strutted Out In The Cutest Jumpsuit

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When it comes to fashion, a celebrity is never off-duty. Whether they are going to their gym for a daily workout or to jetting off to an exotic vacation, whether they are tying the knot or going to welcome a child soon, their wardrobe for each event and occasion is carefully evaluated and their style is imitated. And, why not? They are the ones who set major fashion trends, debut unique styles and demonstrate that there are other options than just your regular jeans and skirts and dresses. Take maternity fashion for example. Here you were thinking that roomy dresses and oversized T-shirts were your only options to dress your baby bump, but Lisa Haydon, a third time mom-to-be and a fashion pro thinks otherwise. She just wore the coolest (and comfiest) maternity outfit, a bumpsuit!

This outfit, or as Lisa calls it, uniform is basically a jumpsuit for moms which covers you from neck to ankle in a single piece and comes with a stretchable fabric spandex and body-hugging silhouette to accommodate your growing bump through your pregnancy. The maternity brand Bumpsuit came up with the concept and it’s inarguably the coziest and super stylish maternity outfit ever. Unlike the traditional maternity clothes, this one isn’t baggy and flowy but keeps you just as comfy, unless you need to pee, of course, which is like a dozen times a day. However, it still gets our vote because look, how comfortable and effortlessly stylish it looks.

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Lisa Haydon giving it her nod is all the reasons you need to add it to your maternity wardrobe. The best thing about it is that you can lounge in it all day on your couch and actually step out wearing the same freakin’ outfit and it would still look good. This is one comfy outfit that you can wear at home and take it to the streets, which is basically every pregnant woman’s dream–to not have to change a million times. So annoying. Lisa styled her black bumpsuit with a beige trench coat, boots and shades. But since this style is so versatile, you can wear it with a denim jacket, floor-length shrug or simply throw a shirt over it. You can also wear it as is and accessories with some gold necklaces and rings.     

This isn’t even the first maternity jumpsuit she has worn as a mom-to-be. Before this, during her second pregnancy, Lisa wore a biker shorts style bumpsuit and layered it with a winter jacket. Seems like trusts this maternity wear outfit for her growing belly. This makes sense since it is incredibly chic, has a perfect fitting, is supportive and takes the stress of pairing, colour-coordinating, styling and dressing up, which is too much for a new mom anyway. It’s simple and stylish and that’s why she can’t get enough of it.       


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Dressing up your bump is not just a celebrity thing anymore but these maternity looks just inspire us all to upgrade our wardrobes. In the past year, many celeb moms-to-be like Anushka Sharma and Kareena Kapoor were on the quest to find fresh and fashionable styles that kept their bumps looking stylish, while also keeping them comfy and cozy. These were relaxed co-ords sets, kaftans, dungarees and crop tops paired with leggings that made all the mommies-to-be ditch their maxi dresses and sweats. Lisa’s bumpsuit is another addition to this list of celeb maternity styles that we are totally wishlisting.  

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