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Waist Up Fashion Takes The Centre Stage As Virtual Meets Become The New Normal. Zoom Call, But Make It Fashion

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You may now stop spending on your boardroom trousers and first date skirts for a while at least since waist up fashion is what you’d want to ace this year. It’s no news that starting March, our social life has been restricted to screens with office meetings shifting from conference rooms to conference calls, dinner date involves you two having your own meals on a video call and a girl’s night out has dejectedly turned into a girl’s night in.

This sure has saved us the trouble of putting together an outfit and the whole decision-making process of what goes with what but I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss dressing up and spending hours on pulling together a killer outfit. We are commuting less, going to bars and restaurants like never and just lounging on our couch all day with our laptops and phones to get the work done. I mean, my jeans and joggers I spent a fortune on in the beginning of this year are eating dust in my cupboard. So, you get the point.

However, if you thought Zoom calls leave you with a very limited opportunity of styling yourself, you are wrong. Sure, you could get away with wearing your PJs for an office meeting or no pants at all while having drinks over a video call with your friends, but it doesn’t mean you have to stick to jaded clothing from waist up too. You can look chic and on point from waist up with a dramatic top, a bunch of chunky jewellery and look fashionably zoom-ready.

The waist up fashion is gaining a momentum and it doesn’t require too much effort. Since only the upper half of your body is visible on the screen, you can bring all the drama to your tops and tees and jewellery for these video calls and look on fleek. Here’s how to ace waist up fashion, the most practical and biggest trend of 2020.

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The global fashion markets are largely influenced by the need of the people in current scenarios and in today’s times, it is all about bringing you’re A-game to the Zoom calls, Skype and Google Meets. This is why the designers too are cashing in on the opportunity to shifting focus to waist up clothing. The runway of the big four fashion weeks—New York, London, Paris and most recently Milan Fashion Week witnessed an array of waist up fashion this year.

The clothes ranged from comfy tunic tops to dresses and featured designs and elements like logos, embellishments and feathers way up on the collar and neckline where it could be visible on the video calls. Deborah St Louis, founder of Fashions Finest said, “Moving the logo up to the neck is a good way of keeping your brand out there and making a fashion statement.” The collections of Valentina Karellas and Armani also had a mix of relaxed and workwear vibe to cater to the generation working from home. These were stretchable yet stylish pyjama sets, high necks and co-ords featuring drawstring waists for maximum comfort and style during those long office zoom calls.

Another fashion statement in the new normal is accessorising to the T. Whether it is an official call or a social call, you could never go wrong with some cool accessories added to your look. Not to mention this also compensates for the other accessories you are probably missing out on like bags and shoes. Jokes apart, fashion jewellery has become one of the hottest quarantine trends and a major part of the waist up dressing. Throw on some pretty chains and necklaces over your top or tee and wear some dainty rings and complete the look with stunning earrings to elevate the look. Take some inspiration from these celebrities on how to master waist up fashion for your next zoom call.

Who said your online boardroom meeting look can’t be glam and gorgeous? You could make your humble white shirt chic by adding some artsy gold chains and earrings and pretend your work fashion, much like you, was never off-duty.

Another cool look is pairing your solid tee with hoop earrings and a cute necklace. Wear some dainty gold bracelet or a watch. This look works equally well for casual office meetings and weekend conferencing with friends.

For your virtual Bumble date, sport a sexy one-shoulder top or dress with some drama like ruffles or feathers that’s visible on the screen. Team it with minimal jewellery and go for dewy skin and tied up hairdo.

For a Zoom birthday or get together with your girls or even first virtual date, you could keep your look simple and stunning waist up by rocking a gorgrous off-shoulder top and huge gold earrings. Don’t forget to let your hair down and style it in soft curls.

Waist up dressing is your ultimate fashion fix in the era of virtual meetings. And, the best part about waist up fashion is it lets you have the best of both worlds. You could pair your high-on-style waist up fashion with your pyjama shorts and no one has to know. It is basically party/business on the top and comfort in the bottom. 2020 is the year you go pantless and still look as cool as it gets with the waist up fashion, so cherish it while it lasts, Zoomers!

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