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#Voices: Google Images Show School Boys As Innocent Children But School Girl As An Adult Woman In A Sleazy Uniforms. This Hypersexualises Young Girls And It’s Disgusting.

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In a perfect world, a school uniform would imply sexual unavailability since it is literally associated with school-going children who you should not be looking at inappropriately, never in a sexual manner. But it is quite the opposite in the world we live in. People have a weird fetish for women dressing up as school girls and it is evident from the high google searches and the demand for sexy school girl uniforms.

This is been very prominent element in pop culture as well. Remember Britney’s Baby One More Time where she grooves around in the school hallways wearing shirt tied up, shirt and knee-high socks? Also, you could credit the sexy school girl stint to the Japanese anime, which portrayed its female characters, young girls to be precise, in sexual manner with thin waist and an hourglass body dressed in super tight uniform. And, this is was supposed to be a kids’ show.     

The “sexy school girl” costume is apparently a best seller in Halloween costume stores and e-commerce websites like Ali Express and Amazon as well. I didn’t know this and probably would have never came across this weird fact, had I not stumbled upon this really interesting post I saw on Instagram. One of the posts on @nastyfeminism showed how when you search “school boy” on Google Images, you get a happy animated child who actually seems to be going to school, but when you search “school girl,” you see adult women dressed up in seductive school uniform.

You can’t believe everything on the internet so I decided to look it up myself. I was disgusted to find out that it was very much true. This is nothing but sexualisation of young girls which is just sick. You may not realise why this is problematic and might think this is a popular bedroom cliche where women dress up as school girls, big deal? Men find it sexy, so what? Let me enlighten those who might think like that. This casual sexualisation of school girls not only promotes sexism and denigrates women but also encourage underage sex and pedophilia. Think about it, men finding women dressed up as a school girl sexually appealing has a knock-on effect of real school children.

Because of some creepy and weird fetish of some men, the young girls who actually wear school uniforms are involuntarily subjected to unsolicited sexual attention, harassment, wolf whistling on their way to school. Children worldwide are forced into child pornography and sex trafficking and this is a serious issue. Sexualisation of children like this only fuels the flesh-crawlingly creepy idea of pedophilia.

You’d be surprised to know that you can find these slinky school girl uniforms quite popular in the “lingerie category” of some e-commerce retailers. Can you believe that? School uniforms are downgraded to skimpy lingerie for bedroom pleasures. It’s sickening. Sure, men who find these role play dresses arousing (they definitely need some help BTW) are to be blamed but so are the women who go on buying these outfits are unknowingly or knowingly become guilty of sexualising their younger counterparts.

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In the comment section of the post, some people found it disturbing and offensive, others were quite defensive and supportive of theidea. One user commented “If you think this is an example of sexualizing women than take any pornographic cliche that applies to men and not women as a counter example. If you look up “male firefighters” muscular dudes in helmets immediately come up. Look up “female firefighters” and it’s just actual female firefighters. There’s a cliche of the sexy male fire fighter that exists for men and not women. Just like there’s that cliche with school boys and school girls here.” Another said, “If u don’t want them sexualized themselves change their outfits so that they don’t wear short skirts and revealing cleavage.” I have never felt so helplessly outraged before.

People are blaming everything from porn industries to school system and uniforms but themselves. Google results only show the most searched and most clicked images. So if you are seeing these as top results, that means people searched for it and clicked on these.

I feel sick to my stomach at the thought of how can someone support the idea of older men preying on young girls. The sexualising of school girls and children in particular really needs to stop. Dressing up as school girl could be fun or sexy as long as people’s minds limit it to adult, consenting women. But as is obvious by the sexual crimes everywhere, it’s not always possible to make this distinctions – especially when you’ve grown up on a staple diet of porn and its paraphernalia. This needs to change and perhaps the online world can be made safer by taking things down, one search at a time. 

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