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This UK Loungewear Brand Is Hiring People To Review Their Slippers And Paying Rs 4 Lakh For It. Okay, Where Do I Apply?

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I read somewhere (probably in a meme) that if you are good at something, never do it for free. This made me ponder over the things I am good at. Hmm, let’s see. Binge-watching makeup tutorials for straight five hours, having a breakdown for no reason and oh, being awake till 6 am in the morning. But that’s just all of us in the lockdown, with messed up sleep schedule and all, right? That reminds me, I have also lost the ability to walk in heels after wearing slippers all day. This makes me eligible for one job. A UK-based loungewear brand Bedroom Athletics is hiring people with proficiency and relevant experience in slipper-wearing which I think we all have mastered by now. Mai kya karu phir, job chhod du?

The company is looking for a man and a woman for a role that entails wearing and reviewing slippers for a living. The selected candidates would be supposed to review the new range of slippers for 12 hours a day for two days a month. Interesting, right? Wait till you hear the salary for this “Cinderella of the job market.” The brand is paying an annual compensation of £4000 (INR 4 lakh) which means you’d be earning £333 (around INR 33,000) a month. These slipper testers would be required to walk around the slippers and get back with extensive feedback about the product for which they’d be earning a bomb. If this isn’t the ultimate dream job opportunity, we don’t know what is.


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In an interview with The Sun, Howard Wetter, the founder of Bedroom Athletics mentioned that it’s the perfect lockdown job for students and people working from home to make a quick buck. He said, “With the two new slipper testers on-board we’ll be in an even better position to provide the UK’s working from home work-force with second-to-none quality slippers. I can’t wait to see the applications, with recent lockdowns across the UK we hope it will be the perfect job for someone, it really is a great role to slip into.”

This just seems perfect for me. I love free fashion stuff; I love giving my valuable feedback (sometimes it is unsolicited) and I love making shitload of money without making too much efforts. Then again, who doesn’t? Plus, I anyway waltz around in my slippers all day, might as well make some bucks out of it, right?

For those interested, the last date to apply is 31st January. The job posting has already gotten viral on social media so you can expect cutthroat competition among the bona fide slipper wearers, just saying.

BRB, writing my resignation letter.

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