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Trench Coats Got A Desi Makeover And Now They Are Bolder, Brighter and Prettier. We Are In Love

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If I were to ask you five wardrobe essentials that you hold close all year round, what would they be? A jeans, comfy tee, a sweater or a jacket, a dress and probably PJs (I can’t imagine my life without that one after spending what feels like eternity in this lockdown). Anyway, that would more or less be your top five outfit pieces, right? My point is, something like a trench coat, despite being a fashion staple and a trendy piece of clothing around the world, won’t make it to your must-have list. You are not alone.

A trench coat is not exactly the bestseller in fashion in India and it’s fair considering the scorching heat and untimely heavy rains. Also, we are too comfortable with our raincoats and windcheaters when it pours, rather than putting on a trendy jacket that would get ruined every time we step into a water puddle. And, I’ll admit that trench coat options have all been pretty basic and boring as they come in one colour, mostly a neutral one like beige or grey and lack prints or patterns that Indian customers just loovve.

Good news, Indian designers decided to bridge this gap and reinvented the trench coats in a very desi way. And, you know what it means. They are no more featureless and colourless but are more colourful and brighter, basically more aesthetic. Since trench coat is an emerging player in the fashion retail, Indian designers like Ragini Ahuja, Nikhil Thampi, Kshitij Jalori and brands like Pero have introduced some pretty desi trench coats over the years.

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What’s more that most of these are often handcrafted with Indian thread and needle work like applique, embroidery and desi prints like motifs and block print. You can’t deny the burst of colours and arty prints have been a welcome change to an otherwise drab season clothing.

Not just the textile and design, the anatomy of the coat is also quite different from the classic one. In a bid to make trench coats apt for Indian weather, they are also made with a much lighter, breezy and breathable fabric. Contrary to the global style, Indian trench coats are sometimes made of cotton, organza and linen which enhances the movement of the coat and makes for a perfect outerwear for every season. Also, you’d rarely spot bulky buttons and metal-laden belts. The desi trench coat has swapped the heavy-duty fasteners with the air light substitutes like fabric belts and thread closure; or no closure at all.

In recent times, a trench coat over a saree has become quite a trend and surprising catching up in the bridal wear category. A number of designers have played up the designs and fabric in accordance with the elaborate bridal saree with intricate work and heavy fabrics. You could get an entirely ethnic trench coat made of chanderi, brocade and even a Banarasi silk to wear over your saree for a traditional event. Talking about work, there are a lot of options to pick from ranging from zardozi to gota and mirror work to phulkari.

Kahitij Jalori who recently dropped a gorgeous green Banarasi trench coat, which is to die for BTW told Livemint, “It’s the sweet spot between wearing something Indian but not a typical form, and that works well for occasions, especially since the designs show off the versatility of Indian textiles.” This desi edition to the spring staple could be an interesting addition to your wedding wear.

This is not the first makeover that the utilitarian jacket has got. The classic Burberry rain-proof trench has been reimagined several times around the globe since it first picked up pace in the 1880s. There’s denim trench, suede, floral, which are okay but nothing comes even close to the Indian imitation of the fashion staple. It is truly one of its kind and much more artistic and aesthetic in every sense. Guess that’s what happens when we adapt something from the west and make it Indian; it becomes vibrant and peppy, pretty much like our culture itself.

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