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Throwback Thursday: From Super Tweezed To Well Defined, How Eyebrow Trends Changed Through The Decades

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Eyebrow makeup is quite a rage right now and has become an unmissable step in our beauty routine and we might think that this is a recent treat but the truth is it has always been an important part of women’s beauty. Sure there are a lot more brow enhancers but much before these eyebrow gels, brushes, brow mascara and other zillion makeup and grooming products existed, there was this humble eyebrow pencil that no woman could really do without. The only difference is that in the pre-social media, the trends didn’t change every moment and new and weird brow looks didn’t pop up as they do now, but the shapes and definitions did transition with every new decade.

Although now we have a plethora of inspiration on our Instagram feeds (there’s a new trend every time we refresh), women in the past majorly relied on silver screen stars and imitated the makeup as seen on the celebs. While naturally fuller brows dominated some years, others saw angled and thin arched brows. Just like the hair trends and eyeliner looks, eyebrow trends also changed every decade, giving these face-framing features a fresh look. Whether it was the bold and pretty or natural and bushy, it was all about the brows. And, pretty sure it always will be.

We have picked the most popular eyebrow trends that were prominent in the yesteryear and prepared a look book of the brow shapes through the years. Take a look at how the brows trends shaped up throughout the decades spanning from the 1960s until today.

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Dark, rounded and thicker brows ruled the 60s. In the times of black and white movies eye makeup was used to accentuate the features and bold liners, spiky lashes and perfectly round arched brows did the trick. The eyebrow was dark, very filled in and tapered towards the end to a soft point. 



The brows in the 70s were still dark and defined, although the brow shape was now a lot more straight. The arch was subtle, if even and mostly the brows were strong throughout and thick, even towards the outer corners. Women started shaping and plucking their brows to give them a neat angle. This iconic trend was popularised by celebs like Sharmila Tagore, Mumtaz and Hema Malini.  


This was the era of bold makeup, dramatic hairstyle and crazy prints and colours in fashion. The eyebrows too were all about grabbing all the attention. Skinny, long slim brows with a steep arch was the popular brow shape. Actresses like Tina Munim, Rekha, Rati Agnihotri rocked this look.  The brows were well defined, almost too strongly. 



After the super tweezed look in the 80s, the brows became more natural and low-maintenance in the next decade. They were filled in but subtly and shaped but only gently so. Rather, women reverted back to the bushy but finely brushed brows. Kajol kept her natural unibrows which also became a huge trend.   



Oh, the decade of bad makeup, dizzying fashion and super skinny brows. What were we thinking, right? Women plucked a little more than just the stray hair and sported barely there brows with a soft angled arch. It was also coupled with a lot of highlighter on the brow bone to accentuate the look. 


Along with the runways and movies, social media became the new destination for the emergence of beauty trends in the 2010. It was the decade when a lot of different and unique brow trends popped up including the braided, tinted and wiggly brows. However, the most popular one that remained through the years was defined and dark brows that did not look made up but natural and gorgeous. 



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The trend of the here and now is power brows. Long, arched, fuller and dark! Brows that not only frame the face but make a statement. Super defined and filled in, brushed up and bushy is the only way we are rocking our brows for the foreseeable future. 

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