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Throwback Thursday: Dear Jaanam Samjha Karo, Women Can’t Spoonfeed Sanskaars To Womanisers. Please DIY

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Have you ever fallen in love with a guy who was damaged and messed up? You knew he was a bad boy and still, your heart just seemed to fall for his charm? Maybe deep down you felt that with your love and nurturing you could change his ways. That’s what women have grown up believing. A woman’s love and worth are measured in the miracles it can do. Can it evoke the deepest love and loyalty from a commitment-fearing man? Can it make a fuckboi become a man of God? Can it teach a man sanskaar? We are women, not a rehabilitation centre. This is not our job and definitely not a measure of how good we are.

Yet, Jaanam Samjha Karo conveniently places all responsibility of turning Rahul (Salman Khan), a misogynistic womanizer into a decent human on Chandni (Urmila Matondkar). Yes, Chandni is a nice girl but sanskaars are not coronavirus that can spread through the exchange of bodily fluids. What, even? They basically made an entire film on what seemed like Rahul’s dadaji’s and God’s little project of fixing Rahul. In that, Chandni was just a woman who was poor and desperate but had the wealth of values, so she’d be willing to settle for this reality.

Now let’s see what Chandni’s life was before Rahul entered and fucked it further. She was the star dancer at a club, the owner of which was crazy about her and wanted to marry her. Chandni, like most women who are in such professions, did it out of a desperate need for money, so she can give her family a decent life. Her family basically included three useless, gold-digger aunties who would have sold her kidneys if they could and her nieces. Of course, it’s not like all these women could do any job at all.

While she was stuck in a life of humiliation, she dreamt of a knight in shining armour, except it would be Rahul. He wasn’t quite a knight as much as a pervert and his armour was his condoms, which probably kept him protected against STDs because his lifestyle made him a top contender. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t judge anyone on their choice of lifestyle or sexual promiscuity. But it was the way he objectified woman that was so much cringe. The worst part was the clear gender-bias here. Between Rahul with all his hookups and sex slaves in his lavish bungalow and Chandni who danced for a living, the latter was considered to be the fallen ones. Rahul was apparently a coveted bachelor and Chandni, a woman nobody wanted to marry, except her employer.

Of course, because she worked in a night club and was a woman, Rahul looked at her like a sex object he wanted to acquire as a collectible. When she slaps him, his ego gets so hurt that he decides to take revenge by making her fall for him and then breaking her heart. Obviously, he thought he could just send over a television set and buy the club she works at to do so. Why not, the prince has a lot of money flowing in from his dadaji. When that doesn’t work, he finally gives up on her because he had other girls to screw with.

Meanwhile, when she goes to London for a show and gets stranded and almost raped by an old uncle, she bumps into Rahul there. He laughs at the fact that she was about to be raped and made fun of her asking him for help. Wow, that’s the insensitivity you show to a woman who is shaking with fear.

When dadaji spots them in the same room, Rahul acts as if they are husband and wife. Of course, he knows that his son is a lying prick and a womanizer. But he also knew that Chandni was a decent girl. So he expresses his desire that they actually marry. But due to some misunderstanding, Chandni’s heart is broken and dadaji gives Rahul a piece of his mind. All this was enough for him to realise that Chandni is a nice girl, mainly because she was a virgin. No, a girl can be willing to kiss and still be nice. These things are not correlated.

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She gives an emotional performance on a song, expressing her desire to get married to a prince charming, which obviously Rahul wasn’t. But seeing the damsel in distress, as women are supposed to be, his male ego made him want to save her. He asks her for marriage, a whole fight sequence happens with unnecessary entities, including the former club owner. He btw understands true love and backs out from the equation. Honestly, Rahul was richer and better looking, but he was as bad as the club owner who objectified Chandni. But Chandni falls in love and it’s a win-win. Didn’t I say he was richer and better-looking? It’s settled then.

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