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5 Thoughts I Had About The ‘Time To Dance’ Trailer: Did I Just See The Entire Movie Or What?

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After watching all the ABCD movies, Happy New Year and Street Dancer 3D, I’ve realised that every time these international dance competition movies are all pretty much the same. Literally, no difference at all. There are going to Caucasians who’ll be reigning champions, and also have faces and expressions that make them look like they went to some Ivy League school and did a villainy. The Indian underdog team will be confident at first, then something bad will happen, confidence will be lost. Then emotional epiphany will happen, and ultimately they will manage to beat teams from all over the world who have been working their asses off, just because they have ‘love’ or ‘friendship’ on their side. Now, having watched the trailer for Time To Dance, starring Sooraj Pancholi and Isabelle Kaif (Katrina Kaif’s sister), I can confirm that it is pretty much the same film.

How do I know this from just the trailer? Because believe me so will you. Watch it for yourself and tell me if you see anything different from what I’ve just said.

Time To Dance is directed by Stanley Menino D’Costa, with newcomer Isabelle Kaif and still almost a newcomer Sooraj Pancholi in lead roles. Apart from these two, I also spotted Waluscha D’Souza and Rajpal Yadav in substantial roles. And a bunch of Caucasian actors nobody will bother to introduce to us because they really aren’t that important, you see.

Here are 5 thoughts I had about the Time To Dance trailer:


1. Watching Isabelle Kaif in Time To Dance is like watching a #ThrowbackThursday video of newcomer Katrina Kaif.

I kid you not, the déjà vu is very real. She has the same lack of expression on her face, the same accented dialogue delivery, which in this case works in her favour because the film is set outside of India. Try as I might to give it a pass because it is her first film, I cannot get over the awkwardness of her talking in Hindi, especially in that one scene where she challenges her former boyfriend and dance partner that he will lose the dance competition because she has now found Sooraj Pancholi to tango with her.

Pancholi, too, suffers from the same predicament, so maybe they do make a good pair. I think the only person with remotely any acting skills here is Rajpal Yadav. But they’ve given him some real cheesy dialogues from the looks of it, so I am not hopeful.

2. Can we stop stereotyping White people as good or bad? Can they not be… normal?

Okay here’s the thing. The guy who is being made out to be a ‘villain’ here is simply looking at for his No. 1., himself! Imagine working for years and becoming a two-time champion of a dance competition. Of course he wants to win. That doesn’t make him heartless, it makes him goal oriented. I saw this happen with Street Dancer 3D too, and a few other instances where the ‘goras’ are hated on for simply trying their best to win. Competition’s tough, why do Indians get so stuck up on emotions?

Similarly, to counter this racist stereotype, we have another one, courtesy the ‘Gori Mem’ from Lagaan. In Time To Dance, she seems to be someone who is organising/hosting the dance competition. And it also looks like she might be rooting for Isabelle and Sooraj’s team to win. ‘kay then!

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3. Why is Isabelle Kaif’s hair billowing in every second scene? Itna hawa kidhar se laate ho?

Oh my god, can we please stop this heroine’s hair blowing in the wind for dramatic effect wala entry? Every single scene in which that happens, she looks increasingly unreal. This is 2021. We all know abroad, they don’t even keep windows open in homes because everything is centrally air-conditioned or heated. So where the fudge is the wind coming from to blow her hair?

4. Is the Indian couple beats a two-time dance champion purely on emotion, I am going to riot.

Okay, seriously, there must be like ten other teams in that dance competition who’ve put in immense effort and been preparing for months, even years, to win it. So if Isabelle Kaif and Sooraj Pancholi’s characters win this competition because of some last minute emotional shenanigans or because they brought some Indian touch to this, then I will riot. If it is a western form of dancing, why can’t we stick to that format and win it?

5. Why, oh why, do Bollywood movies have to show us the entire film in the trailer?


I already know everything there is to know about the film. Why do I go and watch it?

Time To Dance will release on March 12, 2021.

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