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This Woman Used Her Sleeping Spouse As A Fashion Model To Sell Clothes Online. Who Needs A Mannequin When You Have A Husband?

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Lockdown brought upon numerous challenges for women who owned an online business. While some couldn’t get their products delivered to their customers, others couldn’t find props and people to get the job done. In this case, either they became a one-man army, doing everyone’s job themselves or turned to their friends and fam to do things for them like modelling clothes. When this woman who owns an online clothing store couldn’t find a mannequin, she did something similar but totally hilarious. She used her husband to model women’s outfits she wanted to sell. If you think that’s interesting, wait because it gets funnier. She modelled the clothes on her husband while he was, get this, sleeping like a log.

Jocelyn May Jazareno Caday from Philippines runs an online business Jo’s Online Shoppe and has a Facebook account dedicated to the same where she sells her fashion creations. Since she didn’t have a mannequin to showcase the clothes, she came up with the genius solution that cracked people up on Facebook. After realising her snoozing partner who was sleeping in a handy position made for the perfect model, she lay the outfits on him and posted the pictures online. In the caption, she wrote, “No mannequin? No problem. Effort is the key. This is the trend now on how to sell.” Now I know why people get married!

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She didn’t make her sleeping husband wear the clothes exactly though, which I am guessing is partly because it would have woken him up (well, obviously)  and partly because there was this risk involved of him saying ‘NO’. However, Caday slyly and probably very quietly lay the outfits on him which includes dress, co-ord sets, jeans, trousers and tops and clicked the pictures. She precisely placed the straps and waistband of the clothes on him that it almost looks like he’s actually wearing them, which sort of gives the customers a clear idea how the outfit would look on someone (awake and standing, we hope). She also put the price and available sizes on top of the pictures. I wonder if her husband is aware yet that he has become viral and probably a successful snoozing model overnight, and quite literally so.

This was quite practical too since a lot of women sellers who run an online business have reported that they receive creepy messages and explicit requests when they posts images of themselves modeling for clothes or hire a model to do the same. I would like to see what the online creeps have to say about this husband modeling the clothes (lol).

So ladies, if you have a clothing business but lack a model, you know what to do—get your husband to do the job. And if he doesn’t co-operate, wait till he dozes off. This is brilliant. I learn something new from the internet every day!

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