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This Woman Pointed Out Men Turn To Using Big Words When They Get Called Out For Any Reason. Why Does A Bruised Ego Make Them Shashi Tharoors?

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If you can’t defeat them, use big words. Turns out that’s a tactic a lot of men use online when they’re trying to defend themselves, lest they be proved wrong by their adversaries—the female of the species. Sometimes, the best gyaan you’ll ever get isn’t from a book or a guru, it’s from a Twitter thread. Trust me on this. And the most recent one that I came across blew my mind with the powers of observation. Say, have you ever noticed that when you disagree with men online, their vocabulary suddenly changes to make them seem more intellectual? It’s as if they think using big words and talking like they’re reading a revolutionary speech will win them extra points in the argument! Well, Twitter user Jenny Nicholson made this on point observation, and got a lot of people agreeing with her in the replies!

No, don’t think this is just something she made up. Girl came armed with proof!

Wow, did you see that glow up? One minute the guy was using phrases like ‘laughing my ass off’, and the next minute, it is all ‘absurdity and ridiculousness of the general situation’ and ‘bunch of inane children’!

So wait, does this work? Surprisingly we’ve seen enough examples of this one IRL to know it is effective. Even the stupidest things, when said nicely, suddenly elevates the person and their statements to a higher level. Don’t just listen to me or Jenny though. A lot of people agree!

The whole conversation eventually just morphed into a full-blown sarcastic trolling, which made things even funnier! Can we call it a…

Some men even admitted to doing this, and unable to figure out why exactly they pick the choicest words from their vocabulary to reply!

That’s not to say everyone agreed with the deduction. There were many men and women who pointed out what the guy did was pretty natural. He was asked to explain himself, correct? Isn’t that exactly what he did?

What do you think though? Do men tend to turn into Shashi Tharoor and use big words to win arguments and prove themselves right? Unfortunately, the ones I’ve gotten in a disagreement with resort to abusive language, because that’s the norm in our country. But can you imagine being spoken to like you’re a character from Shakespeare’s plays? I’d still call out the guy, but it would be nice to have a Twitter war that’s an exasperating farrago of distortions instead of ‘trolling’!

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