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This Psyche-Based Shopping Start-Up Recommends You Fashion According To Your Personality And Style. All You Have To Do Is Take A Quiz!

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Online shopping would be easy, they said. Yeah, right! I spent the past few days scrolling vigorously through shopping apps and websites, well, because massive sales were going on and as my mom said, I was itching to spend my hard-earned money. However, all I spent was my precious time, and not my precious pennies. After digging through millions of styles and hunting for the one great outfit that isn’t just cute and ahem, show-stopping but also aligns with my personal style and mirrors my personality, I found nothing. Zilch.

I mean, I am very picky when it comes to clothes (or anything else actually) and scavenging through a million of pieces to find ‘the one’ is amazingly harder than finding, well, ‘the one’. I could actually find a man who’s funny, isn’t full of himself and treats me well, quicker than finding an outfit that fits my personality. And, the filters on these apps don’t help either. When I am looking for a floral dress, I want something that says I’m chic and classy and on my way to a Sunday brunch. What they show me says I’m a naïve schoolgirl living in a pink fluffy cloud. How do you say that to an app?

Searching through everything under the sun to find one style that speaks to you can be quite frustrating. Maybe that’s how Anabel Maldonado, founder of psych-based e-commerce platform Psykhe also felt which prompted her to come up with a shopping website that helps you find fashion that perfectly aligns with your personality. Yup, seems like she read our minds (she’s also a fashion psychologist, BTW so you never know). Her start-up recommends fashion picks for you based on your personality and preferences and this is probably the most futuristic fashion tech we’ve come across.

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How it was conceptualised?

Talking about the fashion innovation and how she came up with it, Maldonado told Techcrunch, “I thought, this is a trillion-dollar industry, we all have such emotional, visceral reactions to an aesthetic based on who we are, but all we keep talking about is the ‘hot new color for fall and so-called blanket ‘must-haves’.”  She adds, “But, there was no inquiry into individual differences. This world was really missing the level of depth it deserved, and I sought to demonstrate that we’re all sensitive to aesthetic in one way or another and that our clothing choices have a great psychological pay-off effect on us, based on our unique internal needs.”

She’s right. Our clothes reflect who we are and sometimes it could be really tough to find fashion that translates your personality. There should be an app that does it for you. It’s 2020. Isn’t the future of fashion here already? Oh, wait. There is. And, we have Maldonado to thank for it.

How it works?

The platform asks users to take a personality test when they sign up, based on which it shows styles that match best with their personality traits. The questions range from whether you have artistic instincts or if you worry a lot. Then it goes on asking your preferences about cuts, colour and silhouettes, which is fair since the fact I’m shy or not won’t really tell about my fashion preferences. It then uses artificial intelligence and psychology to recommend product options for your distinctive fashion statement. The products are pooled from leading retailers and brands and only what aligns with your style is shown so you don’t have to hop on different shopping sites. It scales down your search by applying machine learning and personality-trait science and shows you the styles from over one million products that matches your unique personality profile.

The personality quiz

The platform has a grading system which rates the products based on the five personality traits like agreeableness, openness, extroversion, conscientiousness and neuroticism and how you scored in them. Clothing items that rate higher on the traits you’ve got after the personality traits would be recommended to you. For example, a shiny latex jacket will score lower on agreeableness as it reflects the fashion sense of a person who’s rather rebellious and risktaker when it comes to fashion. Similarly, a person scoring high on conscientiousness would be recommended clothes that are neat, tailored and polished. Just the kind of personalised shopping experience we needed!

If you think about it, it’s basically like those personality-based Buzzfeed quizzes we used to play when all we did all day was waste time on the internet (we still do that). No, I am not talking about the ‘Which One Direction Member Should You Marry’ kind, although those were fun. If you’ve played a quiz like ‘What You Should Wear According To Your Personality’ or ‘Answer These Questions And We’ll Tell What Your Fashion Statement Is Like’, you’d know what this ecommerce platform entails. However, it takes it a notch higher and actually recommends products from different brands that you could buy. It makes your shopping experience so smooth and hassle-free and you end up wearing what matches not only your style but also your personality.

So, who’s taking the test and finding out what they should be actually buying, after all.

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