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This Maharashtrian Bride Pulled Off The Coolest Bridal Entry. She Walked Into Her Wedding Dancing To The Song ‘Mere Saiyyaan Superstar’

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Back in day, young women were probably given a rulebook by the elders of the family on how to behave as a bride and during your bridal entry which included steering clear of laughing out loud, dancing or basically making any show that you are happy in an obvious way on your own wedding day. This would also include keeping your sight fixated on the ground at all times to show respect and elegance, if the long veil failed to do the same.

However, millennial brides are breaking these age-old societal conventions and making their big day as fun and filmy as they want. Gone are the days when brides used to be all coy and shy on their wedding. Brides of today are all smiles in the pictures, ditching the parda and dancing to their wedding just like this Maharashtrian bride whose bridal entry is too cool for school.

The bride clad in a nauvari saree walked the aisle towards her groom dancing to the song Mere Saiyyaan Superstar. She looked super cool in sunglasses that she paired with her Maharashtrian bridal attire for her entry that was full of drama. She grooved her way to her husband-to-be as the guests cheered and hooted for her. She kissed his hand in the end, to which he did the ‘nazar utaro’ gesture which was the cutest thing about the entire bridal entry.

We absolutely love this energetic and dramatic performance by the bride and she gave us major bridal entry goals. Honestly, we are a bit bored about the whole slo-mo entry by the brides on ‘din shagna da’ and this was simply a fresh and totally fun bridal entry idea that we are stealing, and you can too.

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Bridal entry is without a doubt the most exciting and anticipated part of your wedding ceremony. Not just for you or your groom, (that’s kinda obvious) but also for the attendees too. So, make sure you enter with a bang too just like this bride. Brides today are getting creative with the concept and making sure they make an impactful entry. Whether your style is more elegant or energetic, it’s totally up to you how you want to play up your entrance to make it the most amazing moment of your wedding. After all, of all things, your entry shouldn’t be understated on your wedding.

You can enter solo as your friends and family wait for you with teary eyes. That way, the spotlight is on you as you walk into the wedding and it’s more fuss-free and personalised. You can even get one of ‘your song’ played as you enter instead of the traditional wedding-y bridal entry songs to make it even personal and emotional (for the two of you).

Or, you can enter with your bridesmaids or fam. Brides are opting for wedding placards reading something like ‘wait till you see the bride’ or ‘here comes the bride’ that they hand over to their family members to build up the suspense. Okay, that sounded a bit too filmy, but it’s a great way to keep your bae fidgety and longing to see you.


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Another super cool way is to not walk but enter on a palki, bike or um, a horse because why not? You can enter on a palanquin or a palki which was how traditionally the brides used to enter to their wedding. If you are having a doli for your bidai, you could opt for a palki for the entrance to make your wedding completely royal-esque and grand. For a badass bride though, entering on a motorbike or a horse (with safety measures followed and practice sessions prior to the wedding), would be so cool.

Whatever you go for, be it a solo entry or with your bridesmaids, a quirky vehicle option or simply dancing your way to your groom, plan in advance and get your songs zeroed in so there are no hiccups at the last moment. Your bridal entry can be as seamless and beautiful as this Maharashtrian bride who mesmerised everyone at her wedding, and went viral for the same.

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