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This Lipstick Collection Inspired By Kamala Harris Will Remind You To Never Let A Man Interrupt You. It’s Called ‘I’m Speaking’

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“Mr Vice President, I’m speaking. I’m speaking.” Kamala Harris spoke for every woman everywhere who couldn’t finish a sentence because she was abruptly interrupted by a man when she said those words. It was during the vice-presidential debate of the 2020 election that Harris set a powerful example by refusing to let the former Vice President Mike Pence cut her off in the middle of her speech. That was the moment when every woman watching went “Yes girl, tell him.” Well, I sure did.

Drawing inspiration from the epic phrase coined by Madam Vice President, a beauty brand SheSpoke Makeup has launched a lipstick collection called ‘I’m Speaking’ which features lip products named after powerful and empowering women from the world of politics. Wearing these lipsticks will remind you to never seal your lips and speak up. The limited collection is for all the women who are sick of being interrupted by their male counterparts, which is basically every woman on Earth.

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The collection has three shiny shades inspired by three women who shone in the US politics and proved to be role models for women worldwide. a clear lip gloss called ‘I’m Speaking’. A pale pink lipstick called Kamala is named after Kamala Harris; a coral lip shade is inspired by late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and a plum lipstick is credited to American politician Stacey Abrams. All these women have scripted history and worked for women’s rights and welfare. Apart from the three lipsticks, there is a clear lip gloss called I’m Speaking after the iconic line. Well, we can’t get our hands on these powerful lippers since the brand isn’t available in India yet, but it’s pretty cool. Totally unrelated though, is anyone planning to go to the USA? There’s something I’d like you to get for me, please.

A man interrupting a woman like that isn’t unusual (the iconic response definitely was, though). It has happened to you in boardrooms, home and school and you’ve seen it happening to other women in front of you. Why do men do it? Nobody has a clue. Probably not even men. Is it because they think a woman’s voice isn’t important to be heard or because they have an annoying habit of imposing their thought on women? The sad thing is this behaviour has now become so normalised that they don’t even realise what’s wrong with it. Plus, women are so used to being interrupted by their male colleagues and friends that they think it’s totally acceptable. They don’t realise that their voice is being surpressed and they need to speak up and call them out for cutting them off.

These lipsticks would remind you to tell every guy who cuts in while you’re talking and be all “Excuse me, I’m speaking. I’m speaking.” And, when you do, do it with the same big smile as Harris had on her face when she told off Pence.

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