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This Influencer Ended Up With A Droopy Eyelid Due To Wrongly Injected Botox. She Is Taking It Like A Champ Though

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The one thing I am equally curious and scared about is cosmetic surgeries. So many women opt for it which makes it a common procedure but then you hear horror stories of professionals getting them wrong all the time and messing up facial features of their patients for good. However, it helps when women who have had botched surgeries share their experience and cautions other people about what could go wrong and more importantly, what to do if it happens to them. One of these women is an influencer Whitney Buha who wanted to get botox but unfortunately ended up with eyelid ptosis, a condition where you get droopy eyelids. This happened because apparently, the botox was injected in the wrong spot causing one eyelid to droop and the other eye to bulge out.

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Buha who is a 34-year-old fashion and lifestyle blogger from Chicago shared her journey of Botox went terribly wrong with her followers through Instagram stories. She wrote, “A lot of you get Botox. You didn’t know this is possible. I didn’t know this was possible either.” She has been getting botox twice every year since she was 30 and never saw this coming. She went in to get botox injected in her forehead, in eyebrows for the lifted look and one in the upper lip to get a lip flip. However, one of her eyebrows didn’t lift like the other and she realised something was wrong. 

Luckily, the condition is temporary but can’t be treated as of now because the botox cannot be dissolved. So she’d have to wait it out. But the best thing about this whole episode is how sportingly she is taking it and documenting everything on her social media with witty, or as her insta handle says, ‘whitty’ captions. She wrote in one of the videos, “My reactions every morning when I wake up to my messed up Botox. In all honesty this is super embarrassing and makes me extremely self-conscious about my face, but since there’s nothing I can do about it, I might as well laugh it off for now.” We love how positively she is taking it and not cribbing about that fact that a professional messed up. 

Although she was insecure about her droopy eyes initially, she decided to document her journey and experience and even shared some tips recommended to her by the professionals to speed up the recovery. She made a video and captioned it, “Tips I’ve been given to speed up the recovery for my eyelid ptosis due to Botox being injected into the wrong spot. See my highlights to catch up on what’s been going on! *I’m not a medical professional. These are all things that have been recommended by professionals*” 

Mostly, in cases like such, people get really nasty and slam women for going under the knife and fiddling with natural features, especially if it’s a celebrity or an influencer. But, her followers are supportive and are amazed about how she is able to turn a bad situation into laughable content. A user wrote on one of her videos, “Haha if you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laugh at? You still look gorgeous!” Another user wrote, Girl, I am so sorry I just caught up on your stories!! Sending love!!” The comments on Buha’s posts and her approach towards this unfortunate event is so wholesome and encouraging, we are in awe of all this positivity. 

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