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This Bride Wore The Longest Wedding Veil. It’s 300 Times Longer Than Priyanka Chopra’s Veil

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A wedding veil that has simply been an important part of traditional bridal attire for the longest time, has now elevated to become a global fashion trend. Brides are experimenting with the style and coming up with quirkiest and offbeat veils with the names of the bride and groom etched on it, colourful doodles handprinted, the list of trends is endless. Plus, all sorts of fabrics like lace, tulle and organza are being used to make this seemingly tiny bridal accent as statement-making as possible. Also, not just the design and aesthetics, the length of the veil also matters since the latest trends suggest that the longer the veil, the better and chicer your bridal look is. 

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Remember when Priyanka Chopra wore a stunning 75-foot veil for her white wedding? The super long veils subsequently became a huge trend and we saw a number of brides sporting the veils with a long trail. It almost seems like there has been a competition going on between the brides regarding who can rock the longest wedding veil. Well, we might have a winner because this bride from Cyprus just won this trend with her record-breaking long veil!

Maria Paraskeva recently broke the world record by wearing the longest wedding veil in the history of wedding veils. She always has this dream of creating a record for the longest veil ever worn by a bride and she just did it with her gorgeous, though a little too extensive, veil which is 6962.6 meters in length. It is almost 300 times longer than the one worn by Priyanka Chopra at her wedding which was 22 meters. Paraskeva has managed to not only outdo every bride there is in terms of the longest veil but also got the Guinness World Record to her name for the same. That’s incredible!

As per the official Instagram account of Guinness World Record, where a videos showing the extremely long veil, “It took around 6 hours and 30 volunteers to deploy the lace wedding veil to its full length.” The video was captioned, “Longest wedding veil 6,962.6 m (22,843 ft 2.11 in) – Maria Paraskeva 🇨🇾.” I can’t help but wonder that more than 1500 maxi length dresses could be made out of this much fabric. Also, what does she intend to do with this superment long veil now that she’s done with the wedding? Make those dresses out of it? If she was a desi bride, we are sure her mom would have definitely not let that much fabric go to waste and recycled it into a hundred other things.

Paraskeva shared a photo of the veil on her Instagram after winning the title and captioned it, “We have new Guinness World Record Title Holder for the Longest Wedding Veil!” This world record surely made the wedding extra special for the bride and we are glad she could make her dream of breaking a record come true. I don’t know about you but I am really inspired to break a world record with my bridal look at my wedding too. Accepting interesting suggestions, if you have any!  

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