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This Beauty Blogger Served Up Creative Makeup Looks Inspired By Cult Indian Snacks. And, The Looks Are So Chatpata

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As a 90s kid, my favourite childhood memory is convincing my mom to let me have Maggi (and being successful at it) and sneaking a packet of Lay’s chips in bed and finishing it off in minutes. Not just Maggi and Lay’s, but those Indian snacks like bhujia, Poppins and the like meant so much more than just childhood treats for us. Maybe that’s the reason we are still so obsessed with them as much as we were back then. I mean, I have a packet of Lay’s lying in my side drawer that I am going to gobble on as soon as I am done with work. So, you get my point?

As it turns out, I am not the only one. Indian snacks seem to have hit the right chords of every Indian kid and this NRI beauty blogger based in Dubai is no exception. However, she came up with a gorgeous way to channel her love for Indian snacks—makeup looks. Divya Premchand, a makeup artist and beauty blogger started an #IndianSnackSeries and dropped one snacky makeup look after other that took her followers on a nostalgic trip to the 90s. She turned cult Indian snacks like Maggi, Lay’s Masala Magic Chips, Poppins, Pass Pass and Haldiram Bhujia into yummilious makeup looks and looked like a snacc, quite literally.

Her makeup looks are not at all subtle, rather have lots of drama, colours and spice. But then again, so do the Indian snacks. Here are five ‘drool-worthy’ makeup looks she served on her Instagram (Statutory Warning: This might make you hungry AF).

The Spicy Treat

The look is smokin’ hot just as the chips inside the packet of Lay’s Masala Magic. She managed to get the exact Lay’s blue and smeared a bit of ochre on the lower lid to get the perfect combo of Lay’s colours in her makeup. She kept the rest of the look pretty minimal and paired her outfit and jewellery with the Lay’s blue as well which looks gorgeous. I am guessing the confetti work is the masala element to make it more stunning and spicier!

A 2-Minute Makeup Look? (I’m Not Sure)


Whether or not she pulled it off in 2 minutes, this makeup look is a *Chef’s kiss*. Notice, the glitter, noodle-like floating liners and the blend of different shades of yellow and coral that make for the perfect Maggi-inspired makeup look. This almost looks like a modern-day variation of a sunset eye makeup, probably a sunset you enjoy with some Maggi. Ah, great, now I am craving a bowl of Maggi.

Colour Me Pass Pass

I had totally forgotten about Pass Pass. That is until I saw this vibrant makeup look inspired by the popular sweetener of the 90s. This one is inspired by the mint flavour of the mouth freshener, hence the beautiful shimmery green on the eye. See, the placement of colourful rhinestones on the crease of the lid, which is too similar to the content of the product, gets full marks for creativity.

Look What’s Poppin’

Oh, remember Poppins? The colourful candies in different flavours that literally started wars between friends back then? Here’s a makeup version of the same and guess what, it comes with colourful rhinestones just like the candies inside. I like! She used the bright colours of Poppins on her lid and blended it so beautifully like its NBD. The eyeliner game is on point, obviously!

Hot As Hell, I Mean Bhujia

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If you haven’t binged on Haldiram Bhujia, you have lost the rights to call yourself a 90s kid. Divya brought this cult snack to life by creating a look that can only be called as hot as the snack itself. She created a geometric eye look with a mix of red and yellow same as the packaging of the product. Don’t miss the gold freckles over her face, though, that looks like the Bhujia, but only more delightful.

The 20-year-old blogger has been working themed creative makeup looks for quite some time now and the latest one to bowl over her followers was her Indian Snack Series. Before this, she created makeup looks inspired by Disney Princesses and nailed those too. You can check them out on her Insta feed which looks like a page out of a book of your childhood memories.

Clearly, she has some seriously impressive makeup skills and is a pro at acing theme-inspired makeup. About the great response she’s been getting on her Indian Snacks Series, Divya said, “The response has been overwhelming. It’s lovely when people get in touch with me and share nostalgia.”

She has put a one-minute makeup tutorial video for all the looks in case you want to recreate any. I know I’d be trying out the Poppins makeup look soon for sure. What about you? Let us know the one you want to try.

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