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These Indonesian Dancers Recreated The Iconic ‘Bole Chudiyan’ Song And It’s The Best Thing You’ll See On Internet Today

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I haven’t watched Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, said no desi ever. The movie is a classic Bollywood flick full of drama, family feuds, love and obviously, big words like sanskriti, sanskar and parampara. Apart from the interesting characters like the patriarch Yashwardhan who is finally silenced by his ever-so obedient wife in the end (thank goodness) and the OG fashionista and self-love advocator Poo, it also served some truly unforgettable songs.

Remember Bole Chudiyan? Of course, you do. You have spent half your childhood imitating the steps of the iconic song. Well, you aren’t alone. Turns out the song is a rage among Bollywood fans worldwide even today. A group of Indonesian dancers recently recreated the song in a similar setting and almost identical outfits and floored the netizens. They have recreated the song frame-to-frame and even managed to score the exact expressions, makeup and hairstyle. As a diehard Bollywood buff, I’d like to say, I am truly impressed.

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Vina Fan is an Indonesian YouTuber and dancer who put up the video on her YouTube channel. She has played Kareena Kapoor while the other members of her group played the other characters in the song. The whole recreation is so on point, that you’d forget for a second there, that it’s not the original one.

Watch the video here.

The video has garnered over 1.7 million views and counting, and even got a shout out from Dharma Production. The video that was originally posted on YouTube got viral and reshared on different social media platforms and got popular pretty quickly. The official Instagram page of Dharma Productions posted the video on their stories appreciating the dance crew’s efforts. Netizens also lauded the brilliant work and were amazed at the minute details of the video the dancers kept in mind. From the perfect camera angle to the outfits, everything was bang on. Speaking of which, even I was low-key jealous seeing the similar pink outfit Kareena wore since I looked for that exact dress at every nook and corner as a kid, only to find it 15 years later in a tribute video.

A user wrote, “The dancing, clothes and expressions were exactly the same! Brilliant job!!!” Another wrote, “Omg, this is absolutely amazing. I’m an Indian and trust me there was not one weak point in this video. Loved it.” One user also commented, “This is simply superb spoof on one of the most iconic songs of early 2000s Bollywood. I always knew that my Indonesian brothers & sisters are a big fan of Bollywood and TV shows, but this is beyond my imagination. Keep it up and make some more videos for several other iconic songs of Bollywood. Good Luck.”

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Inilah kami dengan segala kekurangan nya .. Selasa, 8 September 2020 Salam Totalitas Tanpa Batas @vinavinafan as Kareena Kapoor @Chand_Berju as Hrithik Roshan @a.rizalarga as Shah Rukh Khan @miin_nx as Kajol @mama_ovaay as Jaya Bachchan @romi_br1062fm as Amitabh bachchan Kostum by @ethniqueboutiqueofficial Make up Vina n Tika @khalifahneny_makeup Make up dancer @eka_nopitasari Jait Vina Fan Kostum by @amy.rosiyana_ Henna @hennabyafriel Aksesoris @anantady_shop Dekorasi @kapalang_kagok @lea_priliadjunar Catering @kimberlycatering_ Lokasi Ballroom @royalpalmjkt Dancer by Vina Lovers Jakarta @bollymaniabandung_bmb @bfcbensradio @pumadance_prod Asst. Koreografer @andhika_sat21 Camera by @ricky_zcr @bagass_putrat Crew @darealfarez Special thanks to @tr_ainer for arrange everything..

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Vina Fan was overwhelmed with the response and thanked everyone who liked the video and made it viral by sharing multiple time. She wrote, “Thank you very much for all the positive responses from you. Thank you to all viewers around the world who have watched again and again our videos and shared our videos on various social media.”

Her Bole Chudiyan video got me to her channel which was proof that she is a big Bollywood buff. This is not the first time Vina has made a recreation video of a Bollywood song. Before this, she has made a YouTube remake of various iconic songs that all Hindi movie fans have grown up listening to like Haila Haila, Kamli and Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha, to name a few. And, every cover she’s made is an amazing work of art, with shot-to-shot perfection. I must add, I have binge-watched all her covers and I am stunned. She is truly talented. You can catch them all on her YouTube channel or Instagram account and take a trip back to memory lane.


There was a time when netizens were recreating their own childhood photos and posting it to their social media for our amusement. They took the trend up a notch and suddenly recreating iconic videos has picked up on the social media. These perfect recreations of the memorable music videos from the aughts take us back in time and we absolutely can’t get enough of these. So, Dear Vina Fan, and all you Bollywood buffs with immense recreating talent, keep ‘em coming!

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