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These Blankets Come With Sleeves And While They Look Funny, They Are The Only Snuggling Partner We Need This Winter

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The best thing about winters is lazing on the couch with a cozy and warm blanket and watching your favourite Christmas movie (it doesn’t matter if it’s December or not). You know the rule. You make yourself a cup of hot tea or coffee and spend the winter evening lounging on the couch. But wait, that’s exactly where the trouble starts. Do you hold the cup exposing yourself to the bitter cold or bury yourself in the fuzzy blanket leaving your beverage to become a cold mess? Coz, you see, you can only do one of these things. To cover or not to cover is the winter quandary we’ve all experienced and wished for something that lets us do both. That’s where the slankets come in. Introducing: blanket with sleeves!

It’s a wearable blanket that has legit sleeves in which you could slip in your arms and be all cozy and comfy while holding a cup or a book (imaging reading with a slanket on) or basically anything you couldn’t because you didn’t want to die in cold. It’s unbelievable how I never came across this in so many years that I’ve been on this earth. Never mind though, it isn’t too late. By the looks of it, it is super soft and would keep your warm in the deadliest of winters and make those movie nights extra comfy. This is one practical sartorial innovation we terribly needed in 2020, to end this year on a comfortable note, because let’s face it, it’s been anything but.


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I got a little bit too excited when I found these wearable winter blankets and a little research told me that there is a version of these blankets that come with a hoodie too. They are made of warm fabric like fleece, wool or velvet that keep you warm from head to toe and honestly, we could use that too. However, these you need to wear like your hooded sweatshirt and I don’t think I’d want to take that much trouble. The slankets, on the other hand, are just sleeved blankets that you throw on, slide your arms in the sleeves to completely cover your body. Plus, it makes for the perfect snuggling partner in winters, if you haven’t noticed already.


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This is a very functional clothing piece (a winterwear pick, if you will) that is a must have in the cold season. Especially if you are working from home, because it so cozy and snuggly, maybe it will make up for the lack of hugs from your colleagues. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind wearing it to the office as well, when and if I return to it. Can we also make it acceptable outfit in public and offices? Thanks! Until then, we are totally getting one for us for our Netflix and Chill sessions.

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