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The Latest Fashion Trend ‘Napkin Top’ Is Very Little Fabric. A Risque Trend Or A Wardrobe Malfunction Waiting To Happen? There’s No Telling

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This year’s fashion trends are pretty much like the year itself. No, not disappointing and a total disaster. Pardon me for the confusion. They are risky, controversial and nothing out of the ordinary. It is exciting actually to see people pulling off sartorial adventures by wearing lingerie-esque dresses and tops, g-string or thong bikinis, exposed sweetheart necklines and the like, this year. It’s seems like the fashion mantra this year is bare all, or go home (read: stay home because, Covid). But then again, fashion is all about taking chances anyway so it’s only fair.

Talking about the risky fashion trends of the year 2020, napkin tops has emerged as the next big thing to take the fashion world by storm. Born on Instagram, this trend entails wearing a barely-there napkin- like top that’s enough to cover the bust and is tied around the back with the help of ultra thin strips. You could say that it’s a reinvention of 90’s backless scarf top but this one is a bit chicer with less punk and more sophistication IMO. This is probably what happens when elegance meets sexy.

The napkin style top was a big hit in the 90s and you might remember spotting it in shows and movies from that decade. Well, a similar style recently started resurfacing on my Instagram feed with women sporting the 2020 edition of the fashion trend, only this time it was even shorter and riskier. Leading fashion trend reporting website Who What Wear dubbed the skimpy style “the napkin” for the way it looks, like a napkin is wrapped on the body. Clearly it is not for the fashion minimalists or the faint of hearts.


The style is basically a godsend for women who fancy risque clothing that has an elegant touch to it. If you ask me, it’s perfect for a date night because it’s incredibly sexy, cool and covers just enough, leaving the rest to the imagination. The razor thin straps make the top even more exciting and stylish since its there’s nothing but some fabric straps keeping the top in place. If you want to hop on board, fashion labels like Topshop, Stone Label, Cult Gaia, Subsurface and I Am Gia have got “your back.”

There are plenty of styles and options to choose from. Silk satin, crochet and knitted fabric seems to be the preferred choice for the modern edition of the 90s backless top. Talking about the string details, criss-cross ties, halter neck ties strips simply tied across could fancy up the back-centered clothing. Also, the thinner the strings are, the hotter the look. Pro tip, though, since the back is entirely bare with a few strings holding it up, it’s better to go for something that’s comfortable for you. Nobody wants annoying back bulges and marks on their back afterwards. Am I right?

Also, you might think it could be rather dangerous if you are blessed in the boob department, considering the chances of side boob exposure, don’t worry. Pick a crochet napkin top and a opt a straight silhouette instead of the rhombus-like one to get the perfect form and fitting and avert the likeliness of wardrobe malfunction. Plus, you could pick a top with crushed and crinkled fabric for extra oomph and style factor.

Check out some of the best styles picked straight from the Instagram.

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Circe top + skirt Coming back soon @sofiajamora

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I particularly love the neutral, solid colour situation that’s going on her in these tops. It’s a very relaxed and vacation-worthy clothing piece to be honest and definitely a welcome change from the boring work from home tops we’ve been spotting everywhere in the lockdown. Don’t you just want to go on a beach vacay wearing this flimsy top with relaxed pants or a skirt and forget that there was ever a pandemic? Cause, same.

I know if I am spending my money on a “fashionable” item of clothing this year (I am already itching to), this would probably be it, for two reasons. First, this is so out of my comfort zone and am down to test the waters of the risque fashion trends now. If there’s anything I’ve learned in lockdown is that you need to step out of your comfort zone and try before you die. Secondly, this has been a breath of fresh air if we consider some of the latest fashion trends in the past year. They were mostly celeb-inspired, exaggerated fashion styles like OTT sleeves or baggy sweaters. Here’s a style that’s made a comeback from the 90s, is not a runway or celeb fashion protégé and is simply ravishing. It checks all the boxes for a fashion buff whose style statement is classy and chic and influenced by personal style rather than the catwalks.

Would you be up for showing off your back in a summer-perfect napkin top?

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