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Samantha Akkineni’s Clear Bag Is Super Stylish But It Costs A Lot. We Have Inexpensive Options If You Want To Keep Your Kidney

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One of the perks of being a celebrity is that you attain a taste for finer things in life and can actually afford to have that liking. Celebs are snapped carrying the most ridiculously priced accessories all the time which makes us cry in poor. I mean, they just casually take a stroll in the park wearing fancy schmancy shoes worth 20 grands or walk their dogs with a Gucci sling bag worth more than a lack across their body *cough* Maliaka Arora *cough*. Um, I’d like that life, please!

Another one to have made us feel shitty about our salary is Samantha Akkineni and her handbag. She stepped out with a stunning clear handbag which is breaking the internet and it could most certainly break my bank if I had got one for myself. The bag that she is just hanging casually on her arm costs more than my whole existence. The clear bag from the label Boyy Boutique is worth $970 which commutes to INR 71,642. Now, if I had a bag that pricey, first I would only take it out from my closet for the most special occasions and handle it like a new-born baby. And, secondly, I’d be living with one less kidney, because, well you know!


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I am sure you loved the bag too. It’s leather tote bag in clear and toffee brown and will basically go with everything you wear. Clear bags are quite the hype at the moment and since we don’t have deep pockets like Samantha, and we don’t want our moms to emancipate us from their life (and will), here are some less pricey but equally stylish clear bag options that you could add to your stash. Take a look, and thank us later.

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Vero Moda White Tote Bag

Okay, this clear tote bag with hand-held style is actually equally chic as the one Samantha is carrying. It has that cool-girl vibe to it that you can take it to work to streets and it would still make for a statement accessory. I love the cute wooden handle and the structured form. It is worth 3499 but you can get for 1750 from the website. I say that’s a steal, price wise and style wise.

Ajio Polka-Dot Print Clear Tote Bag with Pouch

Polka, yes! Purple, yes! Clear and classy, yes please! This transparent bag from Ajio is super cute and could fit an entire universe inside it. Okay, maybe not the universe, but it could fit your laptop and that’s practically the same. The price would make your jaws drop, not because it costs more than your laptop but because it is down from INR 2k to INR 400, thanks to some crazy ass sale on the website. Plus, it’s an Indian brand so why not support the #vocalforlocal, while we’re at it?

Steve Madden BGENEVA Clear Crossbody Bag

Not big on big bags? Here’s a compact sling bag from Steve Madden that looks cute like a button and is as trendy as it gets. It comes with a silver chain strap that makes it a perfect fit for parties and other glam events too. And, this one too is has a 60% discount for some reason and is only up for 2k. Um, better grab the deal while it lasts.

H&M Women Transparent Shoulder Bag

This clear bag from H&M with its simplistic design and larger-than-life spaciousness is all we really want from a casual bag, ever. It’s minimal yet stylish and seems pretty manageable and easy-to-carry. If you are looking for a bag that meets fashion and function, this is your bet. The price tag isn’t too hefty at all at INR 1499. You could easily loosen your purse string for this one (get it?).

Forever 21 Women Transparent Backpack

For those who think carrying a shoulder bag is too much work or pain (because let’s face it, it really is sometimes), pick this clear backpack from Forever 21. It so chic and would look go with any casual and sporty look. Plus, it is only for 1799 so it could make you look stylish without burning a hole in your pocket.

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