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Richa Chadha Finally Receives Court-Mandated Apology From Actor, Peers Praise Her For Standing Up For Herself.

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Do you hate when plans get changed just as you’re about to embark on them or are you normal? I remember being in the middle of writing about the hearing in Bombay High Court for the defamation lawsuit that Richa Chadha had filed against an actor, a Telugu news channel and Kamal R Khan. Last week, the actor’s lawyer had said that his client was on board with tendering an unconditional apology to Richa Chadha for dragging her name in the #MeToo allegations she levelled against Anurag Kashyap. Richa Chadha was tweeting about what the HC had ordered, getting praised for doing things right. And then suddenly, the actor in question tweeted that she was not going to tender any apology as she hadn’t done anything wrong.

Imagine everyone’s confusion.

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Anyhoo, looks like it’s all been sorted out. The actor has finally tendered an unconditional apology, but with a few conditions apply (go figure) to Richa Chadha. Richa tweeted about the same, and thankfully, there were no counter tweets this time. Chadha shared a tweet which contained a picture of the undertaking that was signed by all parties, where the actor agreed to withdraw the statements about Richa that she had made as well as the terms of consent for the apology as agreed upon by them.


Furthermore, in the matter of KRK and the news channel, the actor has agreed to not release any defamatory statements about Richa Chadha pertaining to this matter on public platforms.

Richa Chadha also went on to share and RT some tweets about how insidious rumour-mongering can be and how honesty must be valued.

The Fukrey actor was praised by her peers, like Taapsee Pannu and Dia Mirza, for taking legal recourse and standing up for herself to set an example.

It is indeed a good thing that instead of indulging in a fruitless war of words on social media, Richa Chadha took the more civil route and pursued legal remedy for the issue.


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