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I Got My Hair Coloured A Bright Red And It Didn’t Get Dry Or Brittle. It’s True!

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The thing about mothers is that they can be brutally honest. Mine takes this role very seriously. So when I debuted my flaming red hair in with which I thought I looked like Katrina Kaif from Fitoor, she had one look and said I looked like a rooster. Obviously, this was a great boost to my confidence. But I didn’t let my mom’s enthusiasm for ‘saving’ my hair bring me down and I realised that my hair looked absolutely fabulous. I got many, many compliments and my Insta story about my hair colour had lots of people telling me that I looked absolutely smashing and should consider modelling what with a face and hair like that. Okay, I may have made up the last bit. Point being, my hair looks like like cherries have exploded on it and it’s just in time for Christmas and the end of 2020, which not gonna lie, I can’t wait to see off.

I got the chance to get my hair coloured with the people over at Godrej Professional and I have to say, these guys know their stuff. One of the biggest concerns for anyone colouring their hair and those that would ideally not want to go bald, is that the colour shouldn’t ruin their hair. And with these guys at Godrej Professional, you don’t have to worry about that at all. You’re in the very capable hands of Heena Dalvi, who is Godrej Professional’s National Technical Head and while it seems like she’s quickly rattling off the instructions to her crew, you can tell from the end result that she had a look in her mind that she translated, quite fabulously, if I may add, to my mane.


I went over to the very sanitised office of Godrej in Vikhroli and we were ready to go as soon as I sat down. Both my hair stylist and everyone else was wearing masks and I was extremely comfortable given that I can get super paranoid about these things. Admittedly, perfection takes time because my look came together after four hours but it was sooo worth it because if your hair looks like Katrina Kaif’s, you tend to think you also look like that. Yes, the delusion is very real.

They added some highlights, my tips are a bright red which is so striking and overall, my hair looks absolutely smashing.

Godrej Professional has introduced money piece looks and I got that style for myself. Even if I say so myself, my mane makeover is the best thing that has happened to me this year. Yes, it’s a tad dramatic but what was 2020 anyway?

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