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Man Seeks Divorce From Wife Because She Had Her Period On Their Wedding Day. What Utter Nonsense

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The fiasco that happened and continues to happen between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard really baffles me. Both parties have accused the other of domestic violence and abuse. Their court case has become a global source of masala as the two actors are busy mudslinging and proving how asshole-y the other has been. Both of them have lost out on career opportunities due to the same. That kind of toxicity is present in so many relationships and it’s disheartening to see such toxic people getting married. Recently, we heard of a man seeking a divorce from his wife and the details of the case are all over the place and may have something to do with her period.

Apparently, this man from Vadodara had such a problem because his wife was on her period on their wedding day. He claimed that his “faith was violated”, you know because how can she enter the temple and sit for a puja? So what was she supposed to do? Postpone the wedding? Actually, cancelling it would have been a wiser choice.

He cried about it in a divorce petition in the family court saying that she told him about her period just a few minutes before they went to the temple after the marriage ceremony was done. Poor guy did nothing wrong in his entire life. And now, his wife sent him straight on the devil’s wishlist granting him a free ticket to hell. All this because the woman was menstruating as women do. Like women are designed, by God to do. This attitude is enough for a woman to resent a man for life but why would she choose to be with him for that long? Mind you, these are working professionals.


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In the petition, the man went on to state several other things. According to Times Now, he said that his wife, who is a teacher, asked him to not contribute to the household expenses since his elder brother was taking care of it. He also said that she demanded him to give her Rs. 5000 every month and for an air conditioner to be installed at their house.

Apparently, he said that he couldn’t afford to fulfil these demands. Post which, the wife threatened to commit suicide. She also went away to stay with her parents and has been going often. In fact, he said that at some point, she said that if she would have known he wouldn’t be able to afford the luxuries, she would have slept with 10 other men on the wedding night.


We don’t have any comments from the woman. Honestly, we don’t know how many of these claims are true and to what extent. This isn’t our job to pass a judgement; that’s what courts are there for. They both maybe assholes to each other, we don’t know.

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But what we know is that the taboo around menstruation needs to be done away with. How must a woman feel when she can’t confide in her husband? Well, he did go on to tell his mother about the whole period thing and she acted equally shocked. I wasn’t there, the guy said so in his report. These are his words, and he felt that he is a victim here. It is pathetic that women are still going through period-shaming and discrimination on the basis of a biological function.

While he is so pissed about the fact that his wife didn’t disclose about her period much before the wedding, why didn’t he tell her he wouldn’t be able to afford an air conditioner? Or that he’d be such an asshole about blood? I guess they both kept things from each other.

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