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Makeup Revolution Drops Its FRIENDS Collection That Features Products Inspired By The Characters. Could This Be Anymore Awesome?

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F.R.I.E.N.D.S is almost as old as me but I only started watching it in school after a friend recommended it to me. And ever since then, I haven’t stopped. I have been watching its re-reruns and know every reference, every dialogue and every scene by heart. Not to brag but I always score full in every Friends quiz there is.  I am so obsessed with the show that I may or may not be watching an episode on another screen while I write this. So when Makeup Revolution announced that it was dropping a FRIENDS themed collection, I literally screamed, in that pitch no less, ‘Oh, My God!’

Apart from all the love and heartbreak lessons, friendship goals and a 101 on how to survive in the real world (it sucks and I don’t love it BTW), the show is also known for the 90s biggest beauty trends. Be it Monica’s signature red lip or Phoebe’s quirky hairstyles or Rachel’s…well her whole beauty statement, Friends has served some noteworthy beauty moments. So, when I got to know that the cosmetic brand Makeup Revolution was coming up with its Friends collection, I was obviously over the moon. The last time I was this excited was when I got to know there finally be a Friends reunion which is put on hold for time being (damn you, corona).

The collection named ‘Friends Revolution’ has some 16 products (including two Friends makeup bag) which are inspired by the characters of the show. There are three eyeshadow palettes and three lipsticks each inspired by the leading ladies Monica, Phoebe and Rachel. The shades of each palette reflect the distinct personalities of each character. You’d find classic shades in Monica’s palette like her signature red, peach and some browns and golds. In the Rachel palette, there’s chic shades like vibrant pink, silver and bronze while Phoebe’s palette is all about cool shades like icy blue and pinks with lotsa shimmer and shine. The fun part though is the names of the shades like ‘Geller Cup’, ‘On a Break’ and ‘Triplet’ will take you back to your favourite episodes.

The lipstick shades are also the ones you saw the girls wearing in the show aka Rachel’s classic brown, Monica’s Red and Phoebe’s berry lip colour. The collection also features a Friends limitless palette with 27 shades named after 27 characters in the show including Emma, Gunther, Ugly Naked Guy apart from the six friends. Apart from this, there are six high shine lip glosses for each main character. Although, I feel Joey’s ichiban lipstick should also have been featured but maybe that’s just me. Last but not the least (and this is good so brace yourself), there’s the golden frame mirror that you fancied having every time you watched it in Monica and Rachel’s apartment. This one does come with a mirror, unlike the one in the show. Isn’t that kick- you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic? Plus, three scrunchies are to drop soon.

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Even the packaging of each product is so cute and creatively aesthetic, even haters (I doubt there are any) will want to get their hands on it. For example, Phoebe’s palette has a picture of her grandma’s taxi on it while Monica has the yellow frame with the purple wall. Rachel’s on the other hand has the orange couch from the coffee house Central Perk that reminds us of her days as a waitress when she couldn’t get the drink order right, ever. I mean, I could spend on it only for the packaging, TBH.

Which reminds me, the best thing about this whole collection is it won’t even burn a hole in your pocket. It is pretty affordable so you can go all shut up and take my money. But you better hurry as it’s already dropped and some websites like Beauty Bay are shipping to India. I KNOW!!

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