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5 Times Luxury Brands Duped Us By Passing Off Nonsensical Items As High Fashion.

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2020 has been the weirdest year. Not just in terms of the unexpected arrival of a deadly virus, indefinitely locking us up in homes but in terms of fashion too. I am saying this because some of the fashion launches this year were unusual and straight up crazy. Don’t get me wrong. We love some wildness in fashion and always welcome fresh and futuristic styles. However, when we are tricked into believing that completely pointless clothing items and accessories are worth paying good money for, we’d say hard pass!

From bizarre shoes styles to old-looking jeans (and not the cool ripped kind, the stained kind), we have seen it all this year. And, these crazy products are courtesy of the most celebrated fashion brands in the world. Luxury fashion houses like Moschino, Gucci and Givenchy have dropped some of the weirdest fashion trends that left even the loyalists think twice before shelling out their hard-earned money.

Seems like pandemic posed as an opportunity for the fashion brands to get creative (read insanely experimental) with their products but it mostly backfired. The netizens weren’t amused and said they are nothing more than meme fodder. In case you missed out on these inexplicably weird items that were sold in the name of high fashion this year, here are five of them that top the list for us. Take a look.

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Moschino Baguette bag


Okay, really. Who wants to carry a 12-inch subway bread as a fashion accessory? The French, that’s who. Did you know that the French people carry the baguette bread in their armpit? The French are known for two things—fashion and their bread. Taking the inspiration from the two, Moschino melded these into a Baguette bag. Well, I am not onboard with this whole “do as the French do it” and surely not up to putting 86 grands into a hard bread bag.

Gucci Grass-Stained Jeans


Remember the old jeans you wore while playing in your backyard as a kid and got yelled at by your mom for getting green stains all over them? That’s a piece from Gucci’s latest collection now. The jeans and dungarees with dirt and grass stains all over them were dropped this season and were priced at INR 1 lakh. Yeah, I know. We all created high-fashion way back as kids. What do you have to say about that, mom?

Potato sack pants


There is an age-old saying inspiration and creativity is everywhere. But, no one said the inspiration for making a stylish pair of pants could come from your pantry. These potato sack pants are proof that even the most useless of items could be turned into something worthy. Although this highly inspirational story of a gunny sack making it to the clothing store can apply to my life and make me believe in myself, I’d have to say that these pants are anything but wearable, let alone fashionable.

Givenchy three-toed sandals


We just found out that 2020, being 2020, could end with an alien invasion (no biggie, seems totally normal for this year). However, fashion house Givenchy has already launched a fashionable pair of shoes and socks for our extra-terrestrial neighbours. They introduced the three-toed sandals and socks in their latest collection. The space-age design seems sort of ridiculous to us five-toed people but hey, fashion is all about thinking ahead of the times and coming up with futuristic styles. Isn’t it? Just one question, why is it they know about the aliens and we’re just finding out now?

Gucci inverted eyeglasses


Gucci’s creative aesthetics truly went for a spin during the pandemic and it is evident with the nonsensical glasses that recently made waves for being the outlandish fashion accessory of the year. These glasses instantly became a hit among online trolls and memers, not fashion lovers as the brand would have anticipated. They could find one customer though—Taarak Mehta, cause it’s the oolta chashma (geddit?)

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