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These Louis Vuitton Pillow Boots Are Cute ASF But Wait Till You Hear How Much They Cost

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Having grown up in a city that witnesses brutal winters every year, I have a natural fondness for fleece pullovers, soft turtlenecks and practically anything woolly and warm that keeps you cozy and comfy on the coldest of days. That also means I am subconsciously always on the lookout for these aesthetic winter articles to add to my wardrobe. While you get plenty of options and multiple styles in your winter-appropriate clothing, there is a serious dearth for footwear that’s fit for the season. In the name of winter shoes, all you have is boots and sneakers to work with and those too need a layering of fuzzy socks underneath to beat the cold. This is a serious winter fashion woe that I didn’t really notice until I was introduced to these pillow boots or pillow shoes that is taking over the Instagram this season.

Labelled as the perfect addition for your winter and holiday wardrobe, these ankle boots are the creation of luxury giant Louis Vuitton which launched the shoes just last week (and they are already quite a rage on the social media). These pillow boots are like literal pillows with a cushy interior and poufy ankle support. Major want, amiright? Well, here’s the catch. The too-cute-too-handle boots are priced at (any guesses?) US$ 1140 which equates to over 80 grands in INR. I mean, a trip to Maldives would be cheaper than these shoes. Why do all cute things come with a hefty price tag?


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After a year of weird and borderline crazy shoe trends that we’ve had (what was up with 2020?) like the Gucci three-toed sandals and Paco Rabanne metal heel boots, the pillow boots seem to be the sane and utilitarian option that taps into fashion and functionality. They are perfect street style shoes that come in three variants green, black and white with the signature LV monogram printed on the inside. The aesthetic design, uncompromised comfort and much-needed utility makes this a total winner in the winter shoe category. No wonder it is an instant hit among the fashion buffs. And, why won’t it be? It would keep your feet warm and cozy and make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud, and who doesn’t want that?


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For anyone who thought high fashion is all about sky-high heels and structured shoes, Louis Vuitton gladly proved them wrong by dropping these chic and sporty pillow boots that are so much comfier that their heeled counterparts. Although the price made us remember us our empty bank account, it isn’t really a shocker since, I mean, it’s LV. They’ve previously sold face shields during the pandemic for 70 grands so selling some real comfy and cool shoes doesn’t come as a surprise, but disappointment and realisation of our spending habits. If I hadn’t spent all my savings on food and makeup, I could have probably been able to shell out 80 grands for these super stylish pillow boots. Do they take kidneys?

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