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This Woman From Kerala Shut Her Body Shamers By Becoming A Successful Plus-Size Model.

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Although there isn’t a rulebook, society clearly has predetermined notions of feminine beauty that perceive light-skinned complexion, skinny body and average height (not too tall, because where would we find a taller guy for you?) as the ideal characteristics for women. Unless you fit these beauty standards, chances are, you will be subjected to unsolicited advice and casual remarks for your looks. In short, you have been body shamed and guilted into applying fairness boosting face packs or losing a few kilos. Body shaming is increasingly becoming a bit too normal these days and people don’t realise how their meaningless casual insults could impact the victim’s mental health.

However, there are some who despite all the bullying and body shaming, emerge stronger and successful, just like Induja Prakash. She is a plus-size model from Kerala who has been on the receiving end of hurtful comments and bullying all her life for being curvy. Now 27, she is a successful fashion model, with two films in her kitty and modelling assignment lined up.

Prakash decided to take the plunge into the modelling industry during the lockdown period as a medium to earn and save up for her entrepreneurial dream. Also, she aspires to instil the same level of confidence and self-love into women who are targeted for their looks and go through similar body image issues. This is amazing.

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During an interview with New Indian Express, she revealed how difficult it’s been to make it in the modelling world in Kerala before she became a favourite among fashion photographers and makeup artists. Although it’s tough, she wants to inspire women who struggle with body issues to never give up. She said, “It’s not easy to establish oneself as a plus-sized model in Kerala. But I decided not to give up. I wanted to change people’s perception and boost the confidence of plus-sized women who feel dejected because of body shaming.”

Since childhood, Prakash has been criticised and ridiculed for her weight which was an outcome of genetic hormone issues, something that a lot of women go through. “I am fat because of certain hormone issues. Genetically, my family members are all plus-sized. I was concerned about my appearance after people started asking me to go for diet control and slimming, she said.


She admits that there was a time when she gave in to the societal pressure and bullying and tried to lose weight but realised that she was satisfied and happy with the we she looked and it shouldn’t bother her what people think, so she stopped. “I even decided to reduce my weight unable to tolerate body shaming. But later, I stopped all that because I was happy being me and I don’t want to do something to please others,” she said. This is the self-confidence every woman needs to achieve.

Although we can’t really say when things change for the better and these superficial beauty and body standards will bite dust, we are glad women like Induja Prakash are normalising being curvy and fabulous, something that’s deemed unacceptable for a woman in the society’s POV. Also, we seriously need more plus-size models in the industry like her who can be role models to all the little girls who grow up believing they need to fit into the society’s falsified ideas of beauty. Next time someone asks you to lose weight because ‘skinny is beautiful’, show them Induja’s beautiful modelling photos.

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