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Karwa Chauth- Themed Mehendi Designs You’ll Love

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Fasting for your soulmate, glamming up to the nines, flaunting hands decked with beautiful mehendi and getting pampered by your loved one all day is what makes the festival of Karwa Chauth so exciting. And, if it’s your first Karwa Chauth after marriage, it’s even more special. Although being tired, sleepy and incredibly cranky is also a part of it (simply because the foodie in us can’t handle it), it is super fun and romantic when you do all those rituals and finally get to do the Bollywood-style peeking through that sieve and look at the moon and ahem, your favourite person in the world.

While you get your Karwa Chauth outfit and gift list for your hubby way in advance, zeroing down on a mehendi design is something that is put off until the very last minute. Plus, another reason for you to shelve it is what a headache it is to find a stunning mehendi design for Karwa Chauth. You don’t want it to look like it’s your wedding, neither do you want it to be minimalistic and understated. Plus, even after scrolling through Instagram pages for a unique mehendi design for hours, all you get is the regular Arabic artwork, peacock motifs, floral patterns that are practically done to death.

Let’s not add to your troubles and make you even more hangry. We’ve got you some gorgeous mehendi designs that are neither too OTT nor boring; but perfect for the festival. Here are some artistic and fresh mehendi designs for Karwa Chauth you’ll absolutely love.

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Karwa Chauth-themed Art

If you are not feeling the traditional mehendi designs with geometric shapes, leaves, veins and flowers that you probably also got on your wedding and every occasion ever, we get your plight. You deserve better and something exceptional on Karwa Chauth and here is a creative Karwa Chauth-themed henna that you can try. It captures the essence of festival with a woman looking at the moon and is nowhere near dull or repetitive. It’s fresh and so pretty, it’s going to fetch you a ton of compliments.

His and Hers

If your husband is also fasting for your long life, and he should, get this cute mehendi depicting a couple celebrating Karwa Chauth and breaking each other’s fast. It basically mirrors your relationship and how he treats you as equal and does sweet things for you. Plus, it’s so minimal and cute. Think about you envious you could make your friends by flaunting a husband who starves for you too simply by posting a picture of your unique mehendi design that says it all. Nonchalant, we like it.

Personalised Mehendi

Okay, this one is an absolute work of art. You do need an insanely talented mehendi artist to score this design but if you have got one in your contact list, we say you get this one done. Show them a picture of your SO and get it doodled on your hand in an intricate design. You could also add some bespoke aesthetics and inside jokes that only you two would get and ask him to find them in your hand, rather than his name. This is an interesting way to make Karwa Chauth even special for the both of you.

Even if you have got your Karwa Chauth mehendi done this year, bookmark these for next year to show to your henna artist and put it on the gram. Also, while you are at it, ask your husband to get the henna with your name or something too, because why not? It’s so romantic.

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