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Kangana Ranaut Calls Fashion The Freedom Of Expression. Her Experimental Looks Are Proof That Her Style Has Always Been As Unconventional As Her POVs.

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Kangana Ranaut is many things. She is an actress, filmmaker, Padma Shri recipient, presumably black belt in kicking ass and unabashedly and unapologetically herself. She has been in the headlines for speaking her mind and calling spade and spade in the whole Sushant Singh Rajput’s case, but we are not her to get into that right now, because let’s just not. Be it her controversial political views or unconventional fashion choices, Kangana brings her own personal brand of sass. Love her or hate her, you can’t deny the fact that she’s a woman with a spine.

Recently, she revealed she’s been a sort of a rebel since childhood. Back then, she revolted through fashion and expressed herself with her individual sense of style. Having grown up in a small town of Himachal Pradesh, Kangana’s fashion statement probably went above everyone’s head. She said that people often laughed at her but did she care? Um, no.

She posted a throwback picture on her Instagram and wrote in the caption, “When I was a little girl I decorated myself with pearls, cut my own hair, wore thigh high socks and heels. People laughed at me. From being a village clown to attending front rows of London, Paris, New York Fashion weeks I realised fashion is nothing but freedom of expression.” And we totally agree.

Also, it’s a no shocker that Kangana was mocked for doing what she loved considering she’s always gone against the grain and done what other people might not have the balls to. But what’s important is that she didn’t give two hoots about their opinion and continues to express herself fearlessly even today.

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Her devil-may-care attitude is still evident from her fashion choices. She uses fashion as the freedom of expression and it shows. This post of hers took us back to all those times she made outlandish fashion choices and won the hearts of fashion critics. Her style her as unconventional and bold AF, much like the actress herself. In case you missed her eccentric fashion statements, let me jog your memory. Here are some of the experimental fashion looks Kangana has sported over the years that prove she’s an ultimate fashion risk taker.

Saree with gloves

For Cannes last year, Kangana chose to wear a golden Kanjeevaram sari by Madhurya Creations and teamed it with a Falguni and Shane Peacock corset blouse and plum opera gloves. For anyone else, it would be a risqué fashion choice for the Cannes red carpet but Kangana pulled it off like a diva. Also, if Breakfast at Tiffany’s was made in India, this would probably be the look Audrey Hepburn’s character would wear.

Desi Frida Kahlo

For a promotional junket for her film Panga, Kangana channelled Frida Kahlo in a floral kurta pajama set by Torani and a gorgeous floral headgear similar to what the Mexican artist always wore. If anyone could pull this desi version of Frida Kahlo’s look in Bollywood, it was only Kangana. Look at that stare that screams power and strength.

Oversized power suit

Okay, pantsuits are quite in and almost every celeb has rocked one. Mostly they are monochrome co-ords but guess that’s too boring for Kangana. So, she suited up in a chic eccentric ensemble instead. Here, she’s wearing an oversized striped outfit with a blue double-breasted jacket and beige flared pants. She rolled the sleeves up for that ‘you’re looking at a badass’ look.

Trench + saree for an airport look

Airport lobbies are the new red carpets where the celebrities are papped in their ‘airport looks’ while waving and pretending to be late for their flight. Or maybe they actually are, it just always seems like it. While most celebs opt for comfy athleisure looks, Kangana waltz in clad in a cotton saree beautifully draped around her. But this one saree look we absolutely loved. She paired her saree with a trench coat, an unusual look for the airport, but passed with flying colours in the fashion test.

Kangana likes to make a bold statement be it with her outfits or her voice. And, she clearly wins at both. Of course, her stylist Ami Patel also deserves an applause for keeping the actress’s style game on fleek every time she stepped out. From being the village clown to sitting on the front row seats of the biggest fashion shows in the world, Kangana has proved her point. Erm, who’s laughing now?

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