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Jennifer Lopez, Taapsee Pannu Are Flaunting Their Toned, Muscular Physiques And We’re Here For It

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Don’t judge me (or do) but I’m gonna start this one with a song. Hai muscular / Hai popular / Spectacular / She’s a Go Getter! Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably seen Jennifer Lopez’ most recent Instagram post. ICYMI, it’s the cover art for her newest single ‘In The Morning’ and bless her, she’s looking smokin’ in her birthday suit. In this almost chilly December weather, JLo’s picture is the Christmas gift we didn’t know we needed. But then again, the singer-actor’s Instagram has been a gift that keeps on giving around the year. At 51, she can still look like that, I mean!



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Jennifer Lopez also shared a teaser video of sorts, with multiple zoomed-in angles on the image, showcasing more of her gorgeous, dewy skin, the barely there makeup and of course, a glimpse at that stunner of a ring that fianće Alex Rodriguez has gifted her.


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If you’re drooling over her look, especially how amazingly toned her muscular physique looks even at this age, join the club. Her post’s comments were filled with admiration, with many remarking how JLo was probably going to break the internet!

Not surprised, because, as we all have probably heard this to death, she was also the one who kinda ‘fixed’ the internet at one time for her, since her iconic green Versace dress from 2000 pretty much brought Google Images into existence.

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While the muscular physique on women is of course covetous and idealised for being healthy and fit, for many it doesn’t fit into those ‘ideal beauty standards’ for women. You know, the ones that say they have to look nimble and have soft features. So a muscular woman is often dismissed as “too manly” or “not womanly enough” and therefore not beautiful. But look at Jennifer Lopez and tell me she isn’t beautiful. I dare you!

No, wait, I double dare you and raise you one Taapsee Pannu. The Thappad actor will soon be seen in Rashmi Rocket. The film is a village girl’s journey to becoming an athlete. The film has wrapped up its schedule, and Taapsee is quite literally running on to her next one, Loop Lapeta. This one’s a remake of Run Lola Run. She posted about this on her Instagram and fans couldn’t help but go gaga over those toned muscles showing in the picture. Taapsee definitely looks amazing, and perfectly the part of the athlete she plays!

Personally, I’ve always thought a toned, muscular bod looks super effing hot. Look at Jennifer Lopez or even our very own VJ Bani! Isn’t she spectacular?


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I mean just the sheer effort that has been put into it by the person deserves all the praise. And I don’t get why a woman has to look a certain way to fit someone else’s beauty standards. Kyun bhai? 

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